Tempting the Neighborhood

by Jaylen Florian

It was only supposed to happen once...

The rumor going around the neighborhood is that a certain brawny handyman fixes more than just leaky pipes and broken windows.

Close friends Eddie and Hercules, attractive twenty-somethings on the prowl for some fun, flirt with the idea of requesting a special house call. Neither had dreamed of hiring someone for a good time, but curiosity gets the best of Eddie. He decides to give the handyman a shot, just once, to see what all the fuss is really about.

Read today to find out if Eddie gets more than he bargained for with the fixer. He may be surprised to discover the arrangement leads to a better fit than he ever imagined.

"Tempting the Neighborhood" is steamy gay romantic fiction, the seventh story in the Men of Rugged Heights series, and intended for mature audiences. It can be read as a stand alone story.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction, including romance, mystery, comedy, and sports.

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