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Temper: Deliverance

The Temper Saga Book Three

by Lila Mina

Deliverance - Lila Mina - Temper Saga
Part of the The Temper Saga series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99
Pages: 232
Paperback - First Edition: $ 12.00
ISBN: 978-1797523064
Pages: 427

For Lana, Honda and Yuki, pure joy and sweet bliss mingle with utter horror and heartbreaking agony when pristine snow turns red during the first hours of the New Year in the snowy countryside of Nikko.

Harrowing sacrifice allows a battered Lana and her mournful partners to begin a new life as a family. Healing is a slow process, though, and Lana battles with herself to understand her new identity and family dynamics. Now free from the terrible evil that held her in its clutch for two decades, she struggles to find peace despite the boundless love and soul-burning passion her companions show her.

In reality, true deliverance will come only when she confronts her real enemy.

DELIVERANCE is the third book of the acclaimed TEMPER saga. It concludes this trilogy featuring a MFF triad battling against inner and literal demons, social and family pressure to live fully the powerful love they share.

Publisher: Independently Published
format - book, format - kindle, format - kindle unlimited, format - novel, format - paperback, format - series, potential trigger, potential trigger - abuse - past, potential trigger - blood, potential trigger - cutting, potential trigger - traumatic past, potential trigger - violence, what - concept - committment, what - concept - curse, what - concept - danger, what - concept - family conflict, what - concept - resilience, what - concept - second chance, what - condition - injury, what - condition - ptsd, what - emotion - angst, what - emotion - anxiety, what - emotion - grief, what - emotion - guilt, what - emotion - hope, what - emotion - love, what - sex - angry sex, what - sex - bdsm, what - sex - bisexual women, what - sex - dildo, what - sex - discipline, what - sex - ds, what - sex - female masturbation, what - sex - hardcore, what - sex - kink, what - sex - menage, what - sex - rough, what - sex - spanking, what - topic - japanese mythology, what - topic - multicultural, what - topic - pregnancy, where - country - japan, who - description - alpha male, who - description - established couple, who - description - master, who - description - mature man, who - description - muscular bottom, who - description - older, who - description - over forty, who - description - parent, who - nationality - asian, who - nationality - canadian, who - nationality - italian, who - nationality - japanese, who - occupation - businesswoman, who - occupation - martial arts instructor, who - type - badass heroine, who - type - fox, who - type - kitsune, who - type - mature woman, who - type - older woman, who - type - polyamorous family, who - type - yokai, who – description – abuse survivor

Pairings: F-F-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Bisexual, Pansexual, Polyamorous
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 3 Age: 46-65
Tropes: Age Difference, Alpha Character, Badass Hero, Coming Out Later in Life, Cultural Differences, Everyone is Queer, Healing Power of Sex, Interracial Relationship, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Marriage of Convenience, Married Life, May/December, Menage, Second Chances, Student-Teacher, Uncommunicative Masculinity
Word Count: 82000
Setting: Japan
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters
Reviews:[email protected] Behind Closed Doors Book Review on wrote:

Amount of sex 5 / 5
How explicit is the sex scenes 5 / 5
Amount of BDSM/Fetish 5 / 5
Story 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

This finisher of the Temper series is EPIC! Wow and Wow. Besides being so dang hot, I thought everyone would know what I was reading from my blushing cheeks - the story is riveting and unpredictable. I loved how the author tied everything up by first giving the reader a jaw-dropping story. I think the 3rd book was the best of the three, but you couldn't get to this intense climax without the lead up of the first two. The complexity of the characters is refreshing from the layers of the three leads to the supporting players like Gabriella and Nakzawa (I see a novella for each!!). My only complaint is the end was a little too quick for me - it was a loose end that had to be dealt with and I wish we had spent more time with the final conflict (ooo perhaps another novella with the character in the final conflict (sorry no spoliers) perhaps a prequel?).

Lorena Flores-Sanz on wrote:

This was my first ménage series and at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I’ve been stuck on a RH rut that I can’t/won’t get out of! But, this series was amazing!!! I asked for recommendations of steamy titles, and this definitely fit the bill!! This book in particular really did it for me. The love between these three characters was so real. There was no insta love at first sight, cue eye roll. The dom/sub relationships were balanced with respect and love. There were so many steamy scenes that truly left me flustered! If you’re on the fence, READ this series!!! I can’t wait to see their story continue!

Psych MD on wrote:

Wow! This book was out of this world good! It was so unexpected, the way the story unfolded, turned into what i think was magic, but maybe that was because of my limited cultural point of reference. Anyway, the descriptions and explanations were so good it seems I had a front row seat to all the action. During the sexually intense ones I felt like a voyeur. I really enjoyed how the author portrayed the relationship between the 3 of them, how it was not only desire and need to fulfill certain needs, but also how romantic love was present in the relationship amongst all of them towards each other.

I can say for certain that Lila Mina is one of my favorite authors. Now I can’t wait for the next book in this excellent series.

Jaime Reynolds on wrote:

If you are looking for an intriguing and hypnotic read look no further. This series has opened my eyes to a new culture enveloped into a magnificent story that is impossible to put down. This was the best out of the three and I did not want it to end. The chemistry and depth of emotions held by these characters is amazing. Suspenseful, dramatic and unpredictable makes this a must read series. I truly hope that we see more in the future and this is not the end.

About the Author

A 40-something European woman living in Japan, I have written fiction and non-fiction for nearly 25 years. I love blending genres to create powerful characters, emotional plots and exciting stories that hopefully will stay a long time with my readers. Strong, courageous and resilient, my female protagonists embrace their desires while battling inner demons and dangerous foes.

The rich and beautiful traditions of Japan, the amazing nature and the long history of this country are a constant source of creative inspiration.
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