Talk Of The Town

by Kathy Griffith

Talk of the Town - Kathy Griffith
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Craig Hanson is out and proud, forty, fit, and fabulous. He's also the host of the most popular talk show on TV in New York City.
But is it enough?
His boyfriend Mike is the ideal beefy golden boy--except he's getting resentful, and increasingly physical when they argue, which is more often than not. Craig seems perfectly content to go on this way, until one day when he has a guest on his show--a guest who claims to be a 600 year old vampire. He seems weirdly drawn to this man, but--there aren't any such things as vampires. Everyone knows that.

Carl has been waiting his whole long life for someone like Craig. Thousands of women and men have been considered and discarded until he guests on Craig's show, but can he convince Craig that his feelings are for --literally--forever? Will Craig want to give up his humanity for eternal love as Carl's bondmate?

And will he be able to do something with the problem of Mike?

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TALK OF THE TOWN…Rumor has it, Kathy Griffith’s M/M Vampire novel is witty, well-wrought, and has enough blood and male attraction going around to keep the town talking for a long, long time.

I was immediately drawn to her two main characters, the lovers. Craig is an urbane and good-looking television show host who nevertheless has let himself become tied down to Mike, a cruel dom who gets his kicks by inflicting pain. Carl is an ancient Italian vampire who’s smitten from afar with the handsome celebrity and who agrees to appear on his Jerry Springer-type of TV show.

The first third of the book is especially funny and delicious, as the absolutely sexy vampire stalks the object of his desire, showing up dressed as a nerd, cracking up the audience, yet still managing to exude a strong magnetism. From the outset, Craig is drawn to the unusual Carl, and both men find ways to show and develop their growing bond.

The novel begins to reveal its dark edges as Mike, the former lover, is given his walking papers and begins to plan revenge against imagined wrongs. Will the aged vampire be able to turn the man he loves? Will Craig, beset by insecurity and angst, be able to survive the bonding? Will Mike be able to strike a blow against Craig and his upstart new lover? I enjoyed having these and other questions unravel as the novel proceeds and draws to a very satisfactory conclusion.

The sex in this story is not what one might expect. There are orgasms aplenty, but not the kind that stiffen the pages of most M/M romances. Instead, the interconnectedness of these two men is sensitive, long-lasting, and believable.

Witty, sexy, sensitive. Brava, Ms. Griffith, and five well-deserved stars!

About the Author

I'm a liberal Democrat pagan living in the great state of Colorado--slipping into cronehood with my husband of 46 years. I write paranormal romances about sexy, seductive vampires--and when I'm not writing about them, I'm thinking about them.