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Taking His Confession

A Gargoyle Romance

by PJ Friel , Saffron Hart

Taking His Confession - PJ Friel & Saffron Hart - Cloth & Stone
Part of the Cloth & Stone series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99
Pages: 278

Can a man of the cloth and a creature of stone save a troubled teen caught in the crosshairs of a ruthless drug lord?

Gideon Fawkes longs to meet the handsome young deacon who teaches at St. Anthony’s Boys Academy. There’s just one problem. Gideon is a gargoyle, and he’s pretty sure Deacon Cruz only dates humans.

Cordero Cruz knows a lot about forgiveness. It’s the cornerstone of his calling. Too bad he can never offer it to himself. Because of him, people died, and there’s no redemption for that kind of mistake.

But a lack of humanity and a heart filled with guilt are nothing compared to a young man’s life. When a merciless criminal threatens Cordero and one of his students, Gideon will have to risk more than his stony hide to protect them. Cordero must do the unthinkable to prove he’s deserving of the gargoyle turned guardian angel. But when their road to hell is paved with good intentions, they must learn only trust and redemption can pave the way for love.

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About the Authors

PJ Friel

PJ writes steamy, action-packed paranormal romance novels starring characters from both ends of the Kinsey scale and everything in between. She delves into themes like fate and overcoming the past. Her characters are strong, capable, and complex regardless of gender, and her worldbuilding is a little...intense.

When she isn’t terrorizing the highways of Ohio in her red, mid-life crisis sports car or crunching numbers in Excel spreadsheets, she’s writing or playing with her grandpuppies.

She is currently single and lives with her son and his two dogs, who all think they’re the boss of her. They’re probably right.

Saffron Hart