Sure Thing

by Ariel Bishop

Sure Thing - Ariel Bishop
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The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Jess has been handling her crush on Ryan, the hot guy she knows from the gym, just fine, thank you very much. But when she and Chris run into Ryan at a holiday party, Chris has a plan to get Jess the Christmas present she really wants.

Jess is expecting the traditional Valentine’s Day date with her boyfriend; candlelit dinner for two out on the town. She doesn’t get what she expected, but with both of her boyfriends there, she does get exactly what she needed.

Ryan’s been away for work longer than he expected. He soon finds out that Chris and Jess missed him just as much as he missed them.

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Chris unlocks the door and pushes it open as he steps inside, holding it for Jess and Ryan. She’s acutely aware of Ryan’s hand resting lightly on the small of her back as he follows her into the darkened house.

She starts to unbutton her coat and then Ryan’s hands are on her shoulders, easing it off. She turns in time to see him hang it on one of the hallway coat hooks, following it quickly with his own jacket.

He takes a slow step forward, easing into her space. “Can I kiss you?” he asks, his voice low and hushed, lifting a hand to her face.

Jess nods, words stuck in her throat, watching with wide eyes as he leans in.


The first brush of his lips on hers is soft, gentle, a little hesitant. He pulls back for a minute and Jess can’t stop herself from going up on her tiptoes, following him. Her hands land on his shoulders and she can feel the muscles shifting under the softness of his sweater as he slides his hand around the back of her neck and pulls her back in.

He kisses her deeper, wetter this time, but still slow, like he’s trying to memorize the way her lips feel against his. Like he wants to spend the entire night just doing this, just kissing, nothing more. He coaxes her lips apart, catching her lower lip lightly between his teeth before licking gently into her mouth. His other arm slides around her waist, pulling her closer until she’s pressed against him, until she can feel his erection nudging against her stomach.

They’re both breathing hard when they pull apart. His eyes are dark in the dim light from the lamp Chris must have turned on at some point, wide pupils almost obscuring the warm brown of his irises.

“You guys look really good together,” Chris says quietly from where he’s leaning, mock-casually, against the wall. “But we might all be a little more comfortable in the bedroom?”


About the Author

Ariel Bishop is an American romance and erotica author who feels strongly that all love triangles are best resolved through healthy polyamory. She lives in the Ozarks with her partners, their children, and two bunnies that rejoice in the names Reginald von Pancakes and Snickers.

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