Sugar Obsession

by Charity Parkerson

It was one innocent date that led to a single kiss. Infatuation was born.

When Tyrone and David agreed to attend John and Jonah’s wedding together, that’s all they meant the date to be. Tyrone doesn’t have much room in his life for a man. He’s more than a little surprised how drawn he is to David. Not only do they have a lot in common for two people who are several years apart in age and social status, there’s a heat between them he can’t deny. Still, Tyrone isn’t sure that’s enough to bridge the gap between them.

David has never been an overly emotional person. In fact, he’s been single more years than he can count. Yet, he felt nothing lacking. Until Tyrone’s kiss, that is. From the first skipped heartbeat in Tyrone’s arms, nothing else matters. David needs all the messy emotions and entanglements he’s avoided. He wants them with Tyrone and he won’t stop until he wins. Unless Tyrone ends up dead first.

If David hopes to keep the man he loves safe, he must do things no one else would ever suspect. Tyrone is worth any risk.

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