Sugar Heart

by Charity Parkerson

On the surface, Cortland and Driver are perfect for each other. In truth, they’re a one-night stand gone wrong just waiting to happen.

When Cortland first met Driver, Driver was homeless and messed up in the head. None of that mattered to Cortland. He’s drawn to Driver’s strength. For someone who’s always felt helpless and weak, Driver’s scary possessiveness is like a warm blanket. That doesn’t mean Cortland has any intentions of getting tied down.

Driver has wanted Cortland from day one. The problem is Cortland is older, richer, and out of Driver’s league in every way. When Cortland offers Driver a no-strings-attached one-night stand, Driver jumps at the chance to use the night to—finally—win the elusive man. He never expects the night to reveal he never knew Cortland at all.

After Cortland disappears the next morning, Driver will have to fight like he never has if he hopes to woo the man back. It’ll take every skill he possesses. But a love like theirs is worth risking everything.

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