Sugar Dom

by Charity Parkerson

Their off-limits relationship nearly destroyed them both. So why can’t they let go?

Detroit crossed a line into the taboo when he fell in love with his best friend’s dad. There’d been a time when he believed Payne might love him too. Occasionally, he’d caught glimpses of something in Payne’s eyes. Then, they’d been outed. Now, they’re over, and Detroit isn’t the same. He’ll never be the same.

Payne believes in discipline and control. So much so, he owns a club where people pay lots of money to be punished by him. Detroit is the only person who’s ever tested his will. Almost losing his son over the man brought back his strength. No one is worth that loss, except he can’t let go. The memory of the way Detroit shook him to his core won’t stop haunting him. He doesn’t know how to move past it.

Now that Detroit is living and fighting in Vegas, hundreds of miles from Payne, he’s trying to start over. That is, until a single moment changes everything.

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