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by Charity Parkerson

A seasoned killer meets a cuddly cinnamon bun. What could go wrong?

When Ben first met Fedir, he thought Fedir was only a bodyguard to an old, retired shipping mogul. He enjoyed pushing the grumpy guard’s buttons, hoping to catch his eye. Now, he has and Fedir is so much more than Ben first thought. In fact, Fedir might be more than he can handle.

Fedir feels no shame for every wrong he’s done over the years. He believes strongly in taking care of family. His family just happens to be of the crime variety. There’s no way he could have known he would meet someone like Ben—someone who makes him want to be better. Unfortunately, there might not be a middle ground.

Struck is the ninth book in Charity Parkerson’s Kings of the East series where assassins, crime lords, and mafia bosses run the world. These books are best when read in order.