Straight Taste: Gay Book Bundle

by Jaylen Florian

Five tantalizing books following the personal journey of Kieran, a timid young man in a small town, as his sexual freedom progresses.

Kieran’s erotic attraction to straight, bi-curious, and hyper masculine men leads him into extraordinary encounters and onto a path of self-discovery that challenges his wildest expectations.

Book 1: Garage

Some young men inch their way out of the closet. But some, like demure Kieran, burst out in an astonishing eruption. A hole in a wall — between a studio apartment and an automobile and motorcycle repair shop — ignites Kieran’s primal yearnings in a small, blue collar town. His sexual transformation begins when he realizes a converted garage door is the only barrier dividing his weekend rental unit from at least five virile mechanics who work in the shop.

Book 2: Macho

Kieran, desperate for intimacy with another man, suffers loneliness during a muggy summer away from home. He rents a private room above a garage in a vineyard, seemingly miles away from any town where he could meet someone for affection or temptation.  However, the sudden arrival of Teddy, a confident and handsome stranger, captivates him. Teddy may be a stranger to Kieran, but he's no intruder. He's the owner of the winery. He enjoys his leisure time in his man cave, a vaulted room attached to the garage, with earthly delights including whiskey and cigars. Teddy hasn't fooled around with another man since he left the military, but he may find Kieran’s adulation irresistible.

Book 3: Lured

New to town, after taking a job at a wetlands preserve, naive Kieran is eager to hook up with other young men. He experiments with strangers after a late night visit to a truck stop. But as someone accustomed mostly to living in his fantasies, Kieran’s limited real world experience has not prepared him for guys who harbor hidden agendas. Intrigued by alluring men, Kieran must challenge his wits to determine who he can trust.  Leo, the savvy cross country trucker with smoldering eyes?  Tom, the ruggedly sexy janitor with a bewildering request?  Or Andrew, a perceptive tattoo artist who may offer him something more than friendship?

Book 4: Covet

Kieran’s opportunities to date and mess around with other men increase as his confidence begins to improve. Suddenly, he is enticed by three studs who capture his fascination, tapping into intense pleasure he has only dreamed about. But playing the field is not so easy. Opening himself up to more than one man at a time may give rise to unexpected challenges and expose Kieran’s vulnerabilities. Can he fulfill his needs and explore his desires while overcoming fears of jealousy and inadequacy?

Book 5: Untame

Kieran's newfound courage empowers his sexual freedom, but jeopardizes budding relationships with two of the men he most adores. This small town boy's first trip to the bright lights of Las Vegas — the city that celebrates pleasure — mesmerizes Kieran with temptations, igniting a flurry of outlandish and unbridled encounters with strangers.  However, the men of his dreams might already be in his life. In a world without right or wrong, finding balance can be illusory, like a walk on a tightrope. Kieran needs to determine how far he must go to satisfy his yearnings and what sacrifices might be required so that promising bonds with others can really flourish.

These five books comprise Jaylen Florian’s Straight Taste series and feature gay, bisexual, and straight adult characters. The stories contain passionate and romantic themes intended only for mature audiences.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction, including romance, mystery, comedy, and sports.

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