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Stories from Magnolia Ridge 8

The Laws of Attraction

by Daniel Elijah Sanderfer

A Sexy Southern Lawyer, A Hunky Young Cop, A Small Town Murder, and An Undeniable Attraction...

When a murder occurs in the small town of Appalachia Virginia; it's all anyone in town can talk about. The first major crime in thirty years brings a media circus of news reporters, FBI agents, and a sexy silver fox lawyer by the name of Charles Elliott from the posh nearby town of Smith Mountain Lake.

With Levi's newfound half-brother, Officer Shawn McClain working at the police station, it's inevitable that Charles and his paths would cross. There's an instant undeniable attraction between them that cannot be ignored, and when Charles invites Shawn for a weekend getaway to his lake house; what started as the embers of innocent flirtations soon erupts into a burning affair; maybe even a taboo romance between the senior aged lawyer and young Shawn.

But, Charles has a secret past life including an ex-wife, kids, and a grandchild that when Shawn finds out about leads to an epic comfrontation between Charles' ex-wife and himself. Join Best Selling Author Daniel Elijah Sanderfer and the whole cast of characters you have come to love for this exciting spinoff from The Best Selling Magnolia Ridge series.

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Publisher: Independently Published

Tropes: In Uniform, InstaLove / Love at First Sight, May/December, Mind Games, Office / Workplace Romance, Opposites Attract, Slow Burning Love

Setting: Appalachia, Virginia

Languages Available: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


About the Author

Daniel Elijah Sanderfer is a retired Hospitality Manager who currently resides in Southern Indiana with his husband William. Originally from the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia, he moved to Indiana to be closer to his then fiance. They have been married for two years and together for fifteen total years. He was always interested in writing even from a young age and was featured in a few poetry collections as a teen. When he is not writing he is caretaker, as his husband is disabled and requires full-time care. He enjoys going to antique stores and in the summer weekend long yard sales. He currently writes LGBT fiction with a positive direction as he feels too many love stories experience tragedy. He likes to highlight the stories that survived. The couples who fought to stay together and the families that do accept them.