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Stolen from the Harem

by Jade Astor

Will Charis ever make his way back to his prince? Will he find the true love he desires?
Joining the Thasali harem was the happiest moment of Charis' life, but he is even more excited and honored when the young and handsome Prince Vidnar chooses him as his favorite concubine. Though Charis has been warned about the fickleness of the royal family, Vidnar's declarations of love seem genuine and even seem to enrage the other royals. Then, just as their relationship seems poised to turn into something deeper and more permanent, Charis is kidnapped from the harem and sold to a traveling cloth merchant. Though he is bewildered and frightened, Charis is determined to find his way back to the prince and discover who arranged his abduction, even if he has to risk his life in the process.

This is the second book in the Tales of the Thasali Harem series, but each book can stand alone. This gay erotic science fiction story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

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Midmorning had arrived, and Oranto’s twin suns blazed high in the magenta sky. The drapes of the Thasali harem’s largest and brightest room were parted just enough to allow the intense beams of light to fall across the bed where Prince Vidnar and Charis lay side by side. There was room for three or four people on the bed, and indeed there were times when it had held that many or even more. But for the present, to Charis’ delight, Prince Vidnar wanted to share it only with him.

Just now the prince was moaning with delight as Charis held a small clay jar over him, dripping spiced ointment onto Vidnar’s smoothly muscled back.

“Ahhh,” he exhaled deeply, moving his shoulders a bit as the oily liquid pooled between them. “Yes, you’re doing it exactly right. I can feel the heat building slowly on my skin. It feels like a set of gentle fingers.”


“Just as the merchant described,” Charis agreed. He reached down and massaged the oil into Vidnar’s flesh, feeling the warmth creep up his own arm as well.

“Yes. I must admit I am a bit surprised. He wasn’t exaggerating at all. Perhaps I won’t give the rest of the jars to my brothers after all. You and I can probably make better use of them.”

Charis smothered a giggle. “Yes, your highness. As you wish.” The exotic ointment had been purchased from a merchant wagon that had rolled up outside the harem doors with guarantees of increased sensations of pleasure and amplified bodily stamina during certain types of activities. The prince had sent Charis out at once to purchase several bottles. Vidnar would test it on himself, he declared, and if it worked as promised, he would gift some to his brothers. All of them, he maintained, were sorely in need of a little physical release in order to improve their emotional dispositions.

“Still, we haven’t performed the most important test yet. Are you ready?”