Stealing Pretty

by R. Cayden

Stealing Pretty - R. Cayden - Bad Boy Security
Part of the Bad Boy Security series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
Pages: 219
Sometimes, bad decisions feel really, really good...

And Gray knew a thing or two about bad decisions. He and his best friends had a bad habit, stealing luxury cars from asshole men to get revenge for the harm they caused. Gray loved the hell out of a joyride, but he started on a different path the night his uncle came knocking, offering him a legitimate job as a bodyguard.

A bodyguard for the prettiest guy Gray had ever seen. Jameson had been a teen dream action star before he retired from show business. Now, he needed a bodyguard like Gray to keep the paparazzi away, and his secrets out of the public eye.
And Jameson had a lot of pretty secrets.

Once Jameson pouted his lips, Gray couldn't resist himself. He got another bad idea. One that started with a stolen motorcycle and ended in a motel bed.

Gray can give Jameson love on the run. But can he make it last?

Stealing Pretty is Book 2 in Bad Boy Security, a steamy M/M series with guaranteed HEAs and plenty of twists. It can be enjoyed as a standalone, but for maximum pleasure, the series should be read in order. Enjoy!

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About the Author

R. Cayden is the pen name of an MM and MMM romance author living in the Midwest. His work features characters learning about love, life, and sex through unconventional relationships. He is an avid reader, and loves stories with as much heat as heart, and plenty of surprises.

When not writing and reading, R. Cayden enjoys hiking, playing pool, and a sunny day at the lake.

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