Stardust Dreams

by Christa Tomlinson

STARDUST DREAMS - Christa Tomlinson - Heartthrob Heroes
Part of the Star Force Fighters series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 138

In the year 2774, Shane Thomas has earned the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to explore space as an astronaut for the Beals Corporation. If selected, he’ll make the incredible journey along with his best friend Jalen Martin… the man he’s secretly loved for years.

While training to fly beyond the galaxy, Shane and Jalen undergo an unexpected transformation. The change reveals long-hidden desires, and brings the two men together for a night of passion hotter than the brightest star. Now Shane must learn to accept his new role so that he can achieve his dreams… and claim his mate.

Stardust Dreams is a m/m non-mpreg omegaverse romance. It is a prequel to Star Force Fighers, the new space opera romance series from Christa Tomlinson.

*Previously published as First Alpha. All content remains the same.

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Jalen took advantage of his opponent’s momentary confusion on where his next strike would come from and darted in close. Gripping Shane’s arm, he jumped up and wrapped his legs around Shane’s neck in a scissors hold. He swung down and around, using his momentum to flip Shane to the ground. They fell to the mat, Shane on his back and Jalen landing on top of him. Jalen locked his legs around Shane’s thighs to hold him in place and braced a forearm over the bigger man’s throat.

“I won,” he said with a smug grin.

Shane didn’t answer for several heartbeats. “Yes, you did,” he finally said.

Shane’s response made Jalen pause. The timber to his voice was... off. Jalen slightly tilted his head to the side, his brows drawing together in a frown as he tried to figure it out. They were both still, Shane quietly staring up at Jalen and Jalen staring right back. Suddenly, Shane drew in a deep breath, his chest rising, and nostrils flaring.


The tension and electricity between them returned, dancing over Jalen’s sensitive skin, making the hair on his arms stand up. He ran his tongue over his lip, and Shane’s eyes dropped to watch. When they rose to meet Jalen’s again, they caught the light in an odd way that made them appear silver for a moment.

Jalen became excruciatingly aware that he was straddling Shane’s lap, their groins just shy of pressing together. Before he could move however, Shane gently grasped Jalen’s arm, sliding it away from his throat. Then, their gazes still locked, Shane pulled him down. He went slowly, while Jalen’s heartbeats sped up with every breath of space that closed between them.

When there was no space left, their lips met. Jalen gasped in surprise, and Shane seized the advantage to stroke his tongue between Jalen’s parted lips. He placed a hand at the small of Jalen’s back, then smoothed it down, cupping his ass, holding him in place as he rolled his hips up. Caught up in the unexpected swirl of arousal, Jalen’s eyes slid shut and he instinctively pressed his own hips down, moving in tandem with Shane to rub their hardening shafts together. It felt... good. So good that Jalen softly moaned into their kiss, wanting to touch Shane, wanting to feel Shane’s hands all over his body claiming him.

The odd thought broke him out of the sensual haze he drifted in. He jerked backwards, ending the kiss and tumbling off his friend to land on the mat. They stared at each other in silence once more. Except this time, Shane’s green eyes were wide, mirroring the shock that had Jalen’s heart pounding.

“I’m sorry,” Shane apologized as he slowly sat up. “I... I don’t know what came over me.”

Jalen didn’t have a clue how to respond to that. He didn’t know what had come over him either. Didn’t know why they’d kissed, didn’t know why it felt so right, and didn’t know why he’d had that odd thought about being claimed. Since he didn’t have any answers, Jalen pushed himself to his feet, grabbed his shoes, and walked off, leaving both the gym and Shane behind without looking back.


About the Author

Christa Tomlinson is an exciting up and coming author in erotic romance. Christa graduated from The University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in history. She loves to create stories that are emotional and lovely with sex that is integral to the characters' romantic arc. Her books include straight couples, curvy couples, gay, and multicultural couples. Love is love and everyone should have their story told.

Christa lives in Houston, Texas with her two dogs, and is a retired roller derby player. She enjoys hearing from readers, other authors and aspiring writers. For more on Christa's work, including deleted scenes, excerpts, and free reads, visit

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