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Spooky Blood (More Than Blood Halloween Short)

by Brea Alepoú

Spooky Blood - Brea Alepou
Part of the Blood Series series:

Happy Halloween. 


No amount of candy can compare to Karter's blood. 


Karter is pretty sure werewolves don't trick or treat but leave it to Lola to twist his leg with guilt to talk him into it. 


What happens when Karter has to convince his vampire boyfriends to go trick or treating? 


Some promises are given and buttons are pushed. It's the best Halloween ever!


Four vampires one werewolf, a romance you didn't see coming.

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“To your room now,” Eddison said as he stood. He was already removing his suit jacket and working the buttons on his vest. Karter’s brain short-circuited for a second as he watched Eddison’s slender fingers work. His flesh would soon feel them. Even if it was covered with pain, it would change to pleasure, overwhelming Karter to the point he couldn’t tell up from down.

“Karter,” Eddison said.

Karter avoided Eddison’s eyes. “I’ll be in your roo—” Karter found himself kneeling on the ground in seconds as Eddison loomed over him. Karter licked his dry lips. How did they all affect him that way?

“You’re holding a secret?” Eddison asked.

It wasn’t a secret, but Karter wasn’t exactly in the spill-everything type of mood. He shrugged. “Why don’t you try and get it out of me, then.”


A devilish smile came onto Eddison’s face. “Are you sure about that?”

Karter wore his own smirk, knowing that Eddison needed it just as much he did. Eddison needed to give out his controlled pain, and Karter craved to be brought down to that moment where he floated on pain and pleasure, his mind blank and his body free.

“Then to your room,” Eddison said, turning to head toward the door.

Karter moved as fast as possible. He shifted his hands and shredded his shirt before standing and kicking Eddison’s desk against the far wall on the right. Books fell and he probably broke more shit, but Karter was determined to not go to his room.

Eddison stood there staring at him and the mess that was his office. Karter saw the small tic in the corner of his eyes, and he knew he’d succeeded in riling up Eddison.

“Is there a reason you are trying to push my buttons?” Eddison asked.

“Is there a fucking reason you keep asking pointless-ass questions?”

Eddison only stood still for another second before he was back to removing certain garments. “You are very impatient tonight.”

Karter rolled his eyes. “And your fucking point is?”

Eddison had his vest off and was working on rolling up his sleeves. Karter was mesmerized by the act. He’d seen Eddison fully naked plenty of times, but nothing turned him on as much when Eddison rolled his sleeves up so that his forearms showed.

“Your heart is beating erratically,” Eddison pointed out.

Karter flicked his gaze up to see Eddison staring at him, but he wasn’t sure what to say about that. It wasn’t like he could make it stop.

“Strip the rest of your clothes off, and bend over my desk,” Eddison said.

Karter tore the rest of his shirt off, but when he got to his jeans, he made sure to take them off and fold them. Unlike Weston, who would demand it of Karter, giving him no room to argue, Eddison demanded, but there was always the underlying understanding that Karter could say no. Karter knew the pleasure and pain that awaited him, and he didn’t hesitate.


About the Author

Brea Alepoú realized her dream was to write and tell stories after spending five years in college getting a degree. She has since been writing and letting her imagination free. She thought she would only write contemporary at first but soon found her love for making worlds. So now she rights it all. With her wild imagination, expect lots of different stories, from fairies ruling, to vampires killing everyone, to the sweet loving between two men, passion between two fierce women, or the love of multiple partners. She believes that everyone deserves love even if not all of her characters get it right away. Love is passionate, hot, needy, confusing, painful, draining, fulfilling, and all-consuming.

(pnr, contemporary, fantasy, erotica, romance, shifter mpreg, & rh)

There will be a book for everyone.
Insanity is Contagious.
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