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Specialized Bounty Hunters

A Paranormal Novel

by Darla O'Malley

Being a male omega born into a pack that views his sub-gender as worthless, Richard dreads the day he’ll be sent to a home for unmated male omegas. Instead, he’s placed on a train with only the clothes on his back and a note with the station he’s to get off at, leading him to believe he’ll be meeting his future husband there.

But rather than a loveless life of drudgery in an arranged marriage, he gains a family who loves him unconditionally regardless of his sub-gender, and a mate who treats him as an equal. He also becomes a Specialized Bounty Hunter—and a damned good one too.

The road to Richard’s happily-ever-after has more than a few bumps along the way, and almost comes to a devastating halt before it even begins. But he and his family finally get an unexpected ending that none of them could ever have imagined—and it’s a thrilling one!

Author Note: This is a paranormal book, so expect paranormal-y things. Standalone, male/male romance. Mature themes. Omega wolf shifter/vampire mating.


Cal watched Richard flit from one machine to another, making note of the equipment he spent the most time at. But what Cal enjoyed most, was when Richard found the clothing section and was attracted to the tight-fitting options.

“Which color do you like best?” Richard asked, holding up a pair of black polyester sweatpants, and a blue pair.

“Hmm, I’m not sure.” Picking up a brightly colored pair, Cal said, “I think these would suit you better.”

Richard’s cheeks blushed as he looked down at the floor. “Don’t you think they look…girly?”

“No,” Cal said simply. “In fact, I’m pretty sure Doug has a few pairs of sweatpants in colors like this.”

“Really?” The plain pairs forgotten; Richard reached out for the ones in Cal’s hand. “I do like them.”


I know you do. Cal had spotted Richard’s eyes looking at all the colorful clothing before making choices from the plainer section. He figured his home pack had everything to do with why he’d stuck to the drab clothing. “Why don’t you try them on?” he suggested.

The ‘kid in a candy shop’ look was back on Richard’s face.

Pleased that he’d made the younger man happy, Cal picked out more options for him to try on, adding some tank tops to match. “Here,” he quickly found more things in Richard’s size, “try these on too.”

Sitting down in one of the chairs near the changing area, Cal hadn’t expected Richard to put on a fashion show—he was glad he was sitting down. The first outfit Richard came out wearing was a neon yellow pair of sweatpants and a white tank top. The polyester material clung to him like a second skin, accentuating every ridge in his legs, abs, and chest. Fuck me!

“What do you think?” Richard asked coyly.

Clearing his throat—twice—Cal still had a gruffness to his voice. “Yeah.”

Doing a little happy dance, Richard said, “I have so much more free range of movement.” Throwing a couple of air punches to demonstrate. Richard then surprised Cal with a beautifully executed roundhouse kick.

Something fell behind him to the left. Glancing over his shoulder, Cal saw a guy in his twenties scramble to pick up the items he’d dropped, a deep flush spreading up his neck.

Turning back to Richard, Cal saw him looking proud. “I think I scared him,” Richard whispered after the man made a hasty retreat. “Maybe I will make a good bounty hunter.”

As Richard made his way to the changing area, Cal rubbed the bridge of his nose, hoping the movement would settle his wayward dick—the dumb piece of flesh thought it was a good idea to start getting hard. Richard clearly didn’t know how drop-dead gorgeous he was!

Cal only made it through two more outfits before he told Richard they were getting the lot.

Everything?” Richard said, seeming surprised by Cal’s request. “Are you sure? I don’t think I’d use all of—”

“Joel, Doug, and I, we’re always in the gym; you may be a wolf shifter but training your body to be stronger than the paranormals we’ll be chasing is part of being a bounty hunter. So, if you’re serious about—”

“I am. I am.” Richard held his hands up. “I’ll train every day with you, I promise. Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do it.”

The top he had on this time may have been from the women’s section, mistakenly placed with the men’s, pink with thin purple slashes of color and a strategically placed slit, cut diagonally over the chest. Just seeing that slither of Richard’s skin… Whatever you want me to do, I’ll do itfuck, there’s so much I want you to do, Richard. “I’m gonna check out the, umm,” Cal looked to the left of him and said the first thing he saw, “…skateboards.”

Looking momentarily confused, Richard nodded. “Umm, okay.”

Giving an internal sigh, Cal made his way over to the stupid, fucking skateboards.


About the Author

Darla O’Malley had been writing male/male fiction and paranormal stories as a hobby for quite a few years, until encouragement from friends and family to become a published author had her finishing one of her many half-written novels. She’s extremely happy she heeded their advice as having others read her creations has become an exhilarating experience.