by Suzey Ingold

Speakeasy - Suzey Ingold
ISBN: 1941530699
Pages: 244
ISBN: 9781941530702
Pages: 218

During the height of the Prohibition era recent Yale graduate Heath Johnson falls for Art, the proprietor of a unique speakeasy tucked away beneath the streets of Manhattan where men are free to explore their sexuality. When Art’s sanctuary is raided, Heath is forced to choose between love and the structured life his parents planned for him.

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Reviews:Publishers Weekly on Publishers Weekly wrote:

Ingold's warm-hearted debut is set in Prohibition-Era New York City that's more gentle than gritty. After Heath Johnson graduates from Yale, his socialite family is ready to immediately guide him into a traditional marriage and a junior position in his father's Wall Street firm. But his college friends Frankie and Julian, on a hunch that something else might suit him better, connect Heath to a speakeasy for men who are interested in men. He begins a secret romance with proprietor and bartender Art while his parents are distracted by his sister's upcoming nuptials. To play it safe, he also introduces them to Ginny, a young woman willing to pose as Heath's beau. Ingold writes both collegial masculinity and the generation gap well, and her text is peppered with just enough period slang to give flavor without feeling contrived. Scenes of the secret city, stolen kisses in closed subway stations, and hidden doors in the backs of barbershops add a sense of adventure without wildness—Ingold's heroes, except for their orientation, are relatively mainstream young men.

About the Author

Suzey Ingold is a writer, linguist and coffee addict, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brought up in a household where children's books are quoted over the dinner table, literature has always had a strong influence on her life. She enjoys travelling, scented candles and brunch.

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