by Posy Roberts

Spark - Posy Roberts - North Star Trilogy
Part of the North Star series:
Editions:ePub - Second Edition: $ 4.99
Pages: 344
Kindle - Second Edition: $ 4.99
Pages: 344
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ISBN: 978-1983097621
Size: 8.00 x 5.25 in
Pages: 342

Second chances at perfect love are rare. Years after they drifted apart, Hugo and Kevin’s passion easily reignites, but finding where Hugo fits in Kevin’s complex life is a challenge.

A love story with a seventeen-year intermission.

Hugo Thorson fell in love when he was sixteen. He’s maybe been in love since, but probably not. He’s been too busy directing plays to devote much time to men who can’t accept all of him. No one ever made him feel like his first love did.

Kevin Magnus married a woman and has two children, but the marriage wasn’t happy. In the shadow of divorce, he’s striving to be a better father, but he’s still a work in progress.

When Hugo and Kevin bump into each other at the lake, memories of their last kiss incite a new first kiss. Visions of the life they always wanted are vivid, but so much stands in the way of their dreams. Hugo is out and proud but no one knows Kevin’s bisexual. If Kevin comes out, he risks losing custody of his kids. If he doesn’t walk hand in hand with Hugo, he risks losing the love of his life.

The curtain may never rise on their second act.

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Publisher: Labyrinth Bound Press
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Pairings: MM
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 4
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Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 26-35
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Class Differences, Coming of Age, Coming Out / Closeted, Death of Parent, Families/Raising Kids, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Friends to Lovers, Hurt / Comfort, Passing as Straight, Pretend Boyfriend / Girlfriend, Reunited and it Feels So Good, Second Chances, Sex Buddies Become Lovers, True Love, Wide-Eyed Innocence
Word Count: 91,000
Setting: USA, Minnesota
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Kevin laughed deep and warm and stopped walking, pulling Hugo to a halt with him. “God, Hugo. I missed you. You always knew what to say to make me feel better. How the heck did we ever lose track of each other after everything we discovered together?”

Hugo shrugged, not knowing how to answer after their gradual drift from talking regularly their first month in college to nothing by the time winter break came. “We had different lives, I think. We went our separate ways after I said goodbye to you in your driveway.”

“I still regret not kissing you that day. I should’ve said screw it and kissed you like I wanted to, even if my dad was right there.”


Hugo looked up the few inches to meet Kevin’s gray eyes and tried to smile, but it probably came across as sad rather than happy. He couldn’t believe Kevin still thought of that day too. He wondered if Kevin’s mind ever drifted to the kiss in the wooded meadow when he was bored in a meeting, like Hugo’s had that very afternoon in the car. The corner of his mouth curled into something flirty, and he asked, “Oh?”

“Yes,” Kevin said as he thumbed a trail across Hugo’s jaw toward his chin. “I’ve thought about that day a lot, about our last kiss, and how I wish it never would’ve ended. Damn the rain. Would you mind if I showed you how I’ve always imagined that moment in the driveway would’ve happened?”

“No. I mean, yes, you can show me,” Hugo stammered, his heart beating hard against his chest.

Kevin’s smile lit up, and he looked so young then, the careworn lines that had appeared between his brows while talking about his father smoothing.

“So maybe this isn’t exactly how I would’ve said things back then, but this is how I wish I’d done it. Ready?”

Hugo nodded and licked his lips, drawing Kevin’s attention to his mouth.

“So pretend we’re standing next to my open trunk.” Kevin directed Hugo to the tail end of a car parked nearby. Kevin tilted his head left and right, shaking his hands out as if trying to get into character or get ready to spar.

“Hugo.” He somehow pulled youthful nervousness into his voice. “We should plan on getting together in a few weeks.”

“Sure,” Hugo answered, ready to play along with the conversation he barely remembered. He recalled the feelings he’d had, though: excitement about leaving Austin but sadness about leaving Kevin. “I can get a ride down to St. Peter, or you can come up to Minneapolis. It’s not that far.”

That drive never happened for either of them. Hugo auditioned for a play in the U’s theater department and was cast in a lead role as a freshman, something unheard of. He had no time to get together on weekends because he had homework to do and lines to memorize and blocking to learn and sets to help build.

“Seventy miles or so.”

That’s where Hugo remembered Kevin’s dad clapping his big hands and telling Kevin he’d better hit the road. Now there was only the sound of far-off waves to the left and traffic from the other side of the trees on the right, all peppered with exploding fireworks.

“I’d love that,” Hugo said, regretful he hadn’t taken the time to find a ride and just go. “I’ll make it happen,” he promised, and he wished he’d kept it.

Kevin looked at him with such intensity. Even in the darkness surrounding them, Hugo could see how blown Kevin’s pupils were.

“It’ll happen this time,” Kevin whispered against Hugo’s mouth, lazily closing his eyes as he spoke.

Hugo tasted Kevin’s breath on his tongue, remembering it, even with the faint scent of lemon lingering.

A silvery thread of his memory seemed to weave this moment to the past, pushing Hugo back into that world, filling him with all those emotions he had for Kevin when they were just boys.

Kevin was the only man Hugo had truly been in love with. He was the ruler every single boyfriend since had to unwittingly measure himself against. And none, not a single one, had ever gotten anywhere near.

Hugo took in a quick breath and pushed forward, capturing Kevin’s mouth with his own as his fingers threaded through thick blond waves and shorter razor-cut strands; his hands landed on Kevin’s neck and he squeezed to draw him closer. Hugo thumbed over Kevin’s ears, teasing the fine hair along his earlobes.

They fused their mouths, opening and closing, teeth nipping and tongues pushing against each other in an attempt to taste the familiarity that was new again.

Reviews:on Diverse Reader:

Full of feelings and emotional scenes and characters that will stay with you for a long time.

on Kimmer’s Erotic Book Banter:

Spark is an absolute page-turner. Set aside some time to read this because it will suck you in and you won't be able to put it down.

on MM Good Book Reviews:

If you’re looking for something deeper, something special and something truly passionate . . . grab this book!

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This story is so beautifully written, with such amazing characters, that it is hard to put down!

About the Author

Posy Roberts started reading romance when she was young, sneaking peeks at adult books long before she should’ve. Textbooks eventually replaced the novels, and for years she existed without reading for fun. When she finally picked up a romance two decades later, it was like slipping on a soft hoodie . . . that didn’t quite fit like it used to. She wanted something more.

She wanted to read about men falling in love with each other. She wanted to explore beyond the happily ever after and see characters navigate the unpredictability of life. So Posy sat down at her keyboard to write the books she wanted to read.

Her stories have been USA Today’s Happily Ever After Must-Reads and Rainbow Award finalists. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family and friends and doing anything possible to get out of grocery shopping and cooking.

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