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by Remy J. Alan

Smolder - Remy J. Alan
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

Note: This work contains erotic content (18+ only).

The fire. The burn. The smolder.

Haunted by who he is and what he refuses to become, Mike returns annually to the hotel where he first succumbed to his deepest desires and realized his greatest fears. Falling in love was so easy so many years ago, when Luc’s masculine vitality and tender acceptance sparked feelings in Mike he’d never before imagined.

Torn between his true passion and his religious indoctrination, Mike confronts his struggle and suffers the tragic consequence, branding him heart and soul. Can he find redemption before his Family extinguishes the final, smoldering ember?

(8000+ words)


About the Author

Remy J. Alan lives in Durham, North Carolina with his partner and geriatric cat. By day, he works in research for the biomedical sciences. After hours, he writes, creating the best experience he can in whatever world he's invented along the way.

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