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Sisters of Flame

A Red Dragon’s breath is all it takes for most humans to lose their minds with desire. For Erika, all she needs is to lay eyes on her lover, Geva, and she’s ready to have his babies.

Temporarily separated from the true object of her desire, Erika finds herself increasingly distracted by Rowan, Geva’s younger, more powerful, and beautiful sister. It doesn’t help that dragons are typically open with their affections, or that Rowan and her pair of mates keep inadvertently taunting Erika with their sexual rendezvous.

When Erika is finally offered a chance to fulfill her unending curiosity and longing for a deeper connection with the beautiful female Red dragon, she takes it, and not just because her lover would have wanted her to.

After an evening of deep sapphic connection, she may find more than another lover. Will Rowan be able to fulfill a need that Erika didn’t even know she had?

Sisters of Flame is a 9,000-word novella set in Ophelia Bell's "Rising Dragons" world, where the standard rules of sex don't quite apply. Dragons are funny that way, but they do love to make their lovers very happy, so only read this if you really enjoy reading explicit sexual content. This book is absolutely intended for adult audiences.


Trevor sat in the corner of the pool, stalling. Solitude was something he’d always been accustomed to, yet acclimating to an intimate relationship with not one, but two people had been effortless. He knew there was more to life than loving the pair of them, however, and finding a few moments every day alone was essential in figuring that out.

Not to mention sometimes he truly felt like a third wheel. Rowan and Rafe had found each other before Rowan had found him. It wasn’t lost on him that he’d been a rebound lover of a sort, for both of them, in some ways, yet they’d drawn him in and kept him close. He didn’t regret a moment of it, but still recognized a need to leave them be sometimes. Tonight he’d slipped out of bed when Rowan had turned in her sleep and wrapped herself around Rafe like she feared he’d leave her the way she’d left him several months earlier.


Of course neither of them would, but he couldn’t shake the memory of the longing he’d seen in Erika’s eyes while she watched them the day before. Perhaps that need was what had affected his lovers. All it had done for him was awaken a need to make sure he was comfortable in his own skin again—capable of even ten minutes alone without them.

A shadow darkened the doorway and he turned his head to see Erika’s robe-clad shape step through, obscuring one of the lanterns briefly and casting a long shadow over his still shape. She didn’t see him at first, and turned away, slipping her robe off.

Trevor held very still, holding his breath while he watched her. The room was lit with several bright lanterns, but the light wasn’t absolute, and the warm glow of them all flickered over her slim, taut body, casting sharp shadows across the contours of her muscled form. Her calves flexed, the round curves of each buttock tightening just a tiny bit as she stretched up to hang the robe on a wooden hook on the wall. Without turning, she reached into a pocket and produced a short stick, reached to the back of her head and gathered her thick, auburn waves into her hands and twisted them up onto her head, her toned shoulders flexing while her hands moved to deftly secure the thick cord of hair.

He felt a little dirty watching her without her knowledge, but Christ he couldn’t not enjoy it. His cock enjoyed it even more when the robe slipped off the hook and she had to bend over to pick it up, inciting a vivid memory of that day—the day he’d had a sample of her and the other human women, one by one, the five of them—and one dragon—bent over with their sweet cunts displayed like they’d been some kind of erotic buffet.

She still didn’t see him after turning, one full breast cupped in her hand and her thumb and forefinger toying with her nipple. Her gaze was distant, but her lips were pursed in determination.

“Erika,” he finally forced out in spite of a strong desire to see how far she went before realizing he was sitting there.

She jumped slightly, dropping her hand to her side.

“Oh, fuck. Sorry, Trev. I thought the place was empty for once.” She glanced around, a little hopeful maybe, before her eyes rested back on his face. A sweet smirk curled her lips. “Did you finally wear them out?”

He laughed. “I guess I must have. They’re sound asleep and here I am.”

“Can’t sleep?” she asked, slipping into the water. Her amused expression remained when his eyes drifted back up to her face after surveying every inch of her from the front and kind of wishing she hadn’t stopped touching herself.

“Just needed some ‘me’ time, I guess. I’m still getting used to being the meat in a dragon sandwich most days.”

“I keep forgetting. It’s only been about a month for you, hasn’t it?”

“Went from being an avowed bachelor to being madly in love with two people … and they aren’t even human.”

Erika’s eyes shifted to the wall behind him and she smiled. “It comes on fast, doesn’t it? You never thought you’d feel that way about anyone and then boom, your head’s spinning from how fucking fast it happened. How long do you think it took you?”

“With Rowan it was pretty much the second I laid eyes on her.” He lifted a shoulder and returned Erika’s understanding smile. “Rafe took a little longer. I don’t think it was until the three of us were together as a unit that it really clicked with him.”

“I admit I envy you a little for the pair of them. And I can’t imagine how you do it. Geva’s enough of a challenge on his own—being with both his sister and another dragon …” She trailed off, her eyes shifting back to his, holding some kind of eager curiosity he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Was she asking him a question?

He cleared his throat. “Honestly I consider Rafe a partner when it comes to making her happy. After what we went through together to find her, I don’t think it could be any other way.”

“No doubt she’s worth it,” Erika said, a light flush rising in her cheeks that couldn’t just be from the heat of the pool.

“She is—and she is Geva’s sister—why haven’t you come by to visit when we’re not, ah …”

“Fucking? I don’t know …” Erika laughed. “I guess I just have this sex radar that compels me to find you guys when you’re in the middle of it. My inner porn addict can’t get enough, she just keeps craving more of you three.”

“Or maybe you’re drawn to her because she’s like him,” he said, choosing to ignore her evasion. He suddenly had the urge to test her honesty—with herself mostly. He’d met her lover once and had been baffled by his own reaction to the huge Red dragon, so strong was his resemblance to Rowan that Trevor had been drawn to him like a moth to a flame. With Geva, he’d had the sense that if he let himself get too close, he’d be burned to ashes. At least with Rowan he’d know why.

“Yes,” Erika said softly, her eyes locking with his in understanding. “I can’t fucking help it, either. And, God, I miss him so much. Is it crazy that I want her? It isn’t like I’m hoping to fill a void, I just … I fucking crave that energy they exude. I don’t feel anything close to this around any of the other dragons up here. Just her.”

“They are like a drug once you get close enough to one or two of them,” he said. His head buzzed a little now, hyperaware of exactly how hooked he was on the two of them. The pair of marks they’d given him tingled with the awareness, and abruptly he realized they were awake, and they missed him.

“You can feel them now, can’t you?” Erika asked, her eyes bright with interest when she caught on to his faltering attention. “I feel him sometimes, when he’s close. He always says he was thinking of me, missing me even though he might only be in the next room.”

Trevor closed his eyes and reveled in the sensation—the pair of electrifying currents that spread through him and left him loose limbed and euphoric for a second. When he opened his eyes, Erika’s expression had taken on that look of longing again.

“Go on,” she said, waving a hand in the air. “I know how hard it is to stay away.”

He pulled himself from the pool and slipped into his robe, ignoring the dripping water. He’d shed enough of it on the walk back to the cottage they shared.

But before heading out the door a thought occurred to him.

“Come with me,” he said, blurting it out on a whim and wondering immediately if he’d made a mistake.

But as much as he’d seen Erika’s longing glances at Rowan the last few days, he’d been even more aware of the looks that went the other direction.

He raised his eyebrows at Erika and was rewarded by a bright smile and a nod. In a rough, shaky voice, she said, “Yeah … yeah, okay.”