Siren’s Heart

by Richard Amos

Some songs give you life.
Some songs kill.

Alone and cut off from his people, Dylan Rivers has nothing to do but replay the terrible destruction he has caused over and over in his head.
How many dead?
What about his friends? Did they make it?
He is trapped, terrified, and completely in the dark.

Where is the hope now?

But he can't remain in this prison, not when destiny is calling with answers still lurking in the shadows.
Can he be free to continue his journey to restore his lost realm? Or has the river of destiny run dry?

The third instalment in Dylan Rivers Chronicles. Get ready for more dark and steamy action in this Urban Fantasy tale with a Gay Harem Romance.

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About the Author

Richard Amos is an author from England who is constantly lost in the worlds he writes about, and the ones in the queue yet to be written. He also has more books in his house than anything else, and is never without a book (and chocolate) in his hands when he's not writing. He's a proud nerd who loves to dance. Hard.
Richard writes kick-ass Urban Fantasy with gay male protagonists, all with good doses of action, adventure and romance.
He also writes High Fantasy.

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