Siren’s Call

by Richard Amos

The river of destiny never does run smooth…

Dylan Rivers finds himself firmly in the grip of fate. After having his memories restored, everything has changed. He must take down the oil barons, restore his fallen siren realm, and save this world in the process. Things have to be put right.

But the masters of destiny hold their cards close.

A mysterious flooded city awaits him, holding more answers to this quest of redemption. Yet he’s kept in the dark, waiting for the moment he can finally break free of this waiting game.

The water spirits only give Dylan a few nuggets of information, testing him, making him prove his worth to be the beacon of hope one tiny step at a time.

Oh, to cut those damn puppet strings!

With the constant threat of attack, the complicated romantic tensions with the men in his life, and the fact that there is another thread to his magic he can’t quite get a grip on, Dylan longs for the decadent pop star life he’s having to leave behind.

The threat of war lingers in the air…

With danger at every turn, Dylan has no choice but to fight.
To win.
To survive.

This river’s course is about to get even deadlier…

A dark and steamy Urban Fantasy tale, with a Gay Harem Romance.

*This series is set in the same universe as Coldharbour Chronicles. However, there is no need to have read that series to enjoy this one.*

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About the Author

Richard Amos is an author from England who is constantly lost in the worlds he writes about, and the ones in the queue yet to be written. He also has more books in his house than anything else, and is never without a book (and chocolate) in his hands when he's not writing. He's a proud nerd who loves to dance. Hard.
Richard writes kick-ass Urban Fantasy with gay male protagonists, all with good doses of action, adventure and romance.
He also writes High Fantasy.

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