Side Out

by Amber Skye

Amber Skye
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.49
Pages: 63
Two girls on the college volleyball team discover new desires when a teammate introduces them to Sapphic sex...and a few other naughty tricks. Enjoy a sporty lesbian erotic romance from the pen of Amber Skye!

I was disoriented at first, much the way one is upon awakening in a strange place. But as I gathered my faculties, the memory of joining Claire in her bed because of the pesky light from outside came creeping back. And there I was, lying on my side, with Claire’s backside pressed into me. And she was naked…and warm…and very cozy. My breath hitched in my throat as I realized my shirt had curled up during my slumber, and Claire’s warm, smooth fanny was flush against my crotch. Her blonde curls tickled my nose, and her bare back gently brushed my breasts. I felt my nipples stiffen, but instead of pulling away, I pushed my breasts farther into her back. Inching my nose into the nape of her neck, I inhaled the aroma of her musky skin and the pleasant scent of her recently shampooed hair. I stilled myself and listened. Her breathing was shallow—soft inhales followed by breathy exhales competing with the soft hum of the mini fridge inside of our room.


Ever so gently, I brushed my lips across her shoulder. Shivering at her warm smoothness and velvety softness, I gasped. Claire moved slightly as my breath ran over her back and neck, resulting in closer contact.

I was suddenly astounded and slightly embarrassed at the effect this sleeping beauty was having on me. Certainly, through my teenage years, I had cuddled with other girls under a blanket while we watched a movie and ate popcorn on a Friday night. I had found the touch warm and comforting. But this was different—very different. And while I’d occasionally fantasized about being with another woman, I’d never seriously considered following through with the fantasy. But I could not deny that I was disturbingly aroused by this sultry specimen curled into my body. Having Claire pressed against me was giving me more than a warm glow; I was on fire with desire for this young woman.

Resisting an almost overwhelming urge to wrap my arms around her, I bit at my lower lip and caught my breath once more. A hot slickness was palpable in my sex. I chanced brushing her again with my lips and when I did, I sensed her once again subtly pressing into me. I risked placing a hand on her curvy hip. It was hot, firm, and silky. I felt the stickiness of my lust accumulating on my inner thighs. I lay there spooning Claire, wondering what to do next. I questioned my ethics about rubbing up on a sleeping girl, and then I questioned whether I could be sure Claire was fully asleep. Could she be having similar emotions, arousal, and confusion?

I didn’t have time to consider this notion for very long because Claire abruptly turned in the bed 180 degrees. I slammed my eyes shut as she did, but didn’t remove my hand from her hip. The rotation of her body brought my hand briefly in contact with a soft wisp of pubic hair that sent bolts of electricity racing through my body. As Claire turned to face me, my hand maneuvered smoothly to her other hip. Trying to control my breathing, I feigned sleep. Her body pushed a little closer, and I felt the swell of her breasts touch mine as her hot breath caressed my neck. I was dizzy with lust. It took everything I had not to grab Claire’s face and plunge my tongue into her mouth. I wanted her—I wanted her badly. The base animal instinct of my sexual need was so strong it took every ounce of restraint I could summon to avoid devouring her there and then.

I calculated my next move. Was she awake and fully aware of the burgeoning sexual tension between us? Dare I open my eyes? Did she want me the way I wanted her? Was I suddenly a lesbian? Was she? These were too many questions to contemplate, so I decided my only recourse was to slowly open my eyes as if I were awakening. And when I did, half-lidded, beautiful blue eyes gazed directly into mine.

Reviews:Clara Zaynn on Amazon wrote:

My goodness, this one was hot and sexy. I've read almost all of Amber Skye's books, and I have to say this might be my favorite. It runs from sweet and sexy to downright hard and dirty, and it's all so much fun to read! Celia is an excellent narrator for this because she is very inexperienced with the lesbian lifestyle, so everything that happens seems that much more exciting coming from her point of view. There is even a bit of mean girl drama in it, which adds to the fun of everything. I highly recommend this read!

About the Author

Amber Skye is a lesbian erotica author residing in the Southeastern United States. Her titles include three novellas and seven novelettes, ranging from hardcore and raunchy to sweet and romantic.

Her favorite genres are thriller, mystery, literary fiction, and of course, erotica. When she isn't reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports, and practicing martial arts.

All of her titles are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Amber also loves to interact with her fans on Twitter. Please visit her @amber69skye!