Shire Boys: Jeff & Heath

by Susan Reeves

Jeff & Heath - Susan Reeves - Shire Boys
Part of the Shire Boys series:
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Pages: 187

In the Tweed shire, Jeff Grayson lives a simple life. He has his bike, his beloved animals, and works where and when he wants so he can afford to do renos on his humble home. Something is missing, though, or more to the point, someone, and he doesn’t care whether they’re Arthur, or Martha, or both.

Heath Fraser is lonely too, pretty much having given up on finding his “One” in the dating puddle of the Tweed. He just works hard at his job as an ER nurse, with the occasional hook-ups and bad dates to keep his hopes of settling down alive.

Sometimes people come into your life right when you’re ready for them, and you know from the very first meeting of eyes that they’re who you’ve been waiting for. But what happens when your strong belief in justice could destroy everything, and leave you right back where you started, empty and alone, but this time with your heart shattered into pieces.

Welcome to the second book of the Shire Boys series, where things have heated up on the Tweed, and love is bound to make its mark on you.


“Heath, can you give us a hand here,” I heard from behind the curtain where the two men were. Dr. Davinder poked his head out. “We’ve got a big one who doesn’t like needles.”

“No worries, doctor.” I smiled and walked into the cubicle. The man on the bed, the taller one, was having his shirt sleeve cut away by another nurse. He had what looked like the bottom of a schooner glass sticking out of his goddamn arm. I couldn’t tell how deep it was wedged in there but the amount of blood was concerning. The guy was pale, and beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.


“Hey, buddy,” I said, looking at the chart sitting on the end of the bed. “Graham, is it? My name’s Heath. Looks like you’re having a rough night, hey? In a bit of pain, are you?” I kept my voice quiet and calm, it seemed to work with just about anyone who came through the department. Well, except for the drug cases. You generally couldn’t rationalise with someone strung out on whatever it was that was on the streets that year. That’s when my size and strength came in handy.

Graham shook his head, and looked over to the other man, seated in the chair next to the bed. The guy had been doing something on his phone when I came in but looked up when I’d started talking. I was used to people staring because of my size but this was going beyond fucking rude. He was sitting there, mouth gaping, eyes wide, and just fucking staring.

“You right there, mate?” I said, raising my brows at him. “I’m not as scary as I look, honest. What’s the story with your friend here?” I asked, trying to get his attention on something other than me.

Thankfully it worked and he snapped out of whatever dream—or nightmare—he’d been stuck in, and glanced over at his mate. “He hates needles and doesn’t want to have one,” was his simple reply.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I shivered. His voice was deep and growly, and poured out of surprisingly soft and plump-looking lips. He had dark brown eyes, almost black, and the kind of thick, long eyelashes that women always deem wasted on a male. His hair was almost black, and shaved to about a quarter inch long all over, and he had a rustic beard and gorgeous bushy eyebrows. I could see a few tattoos peeking out from under his white collared shirt, and his whole image screamed bad boy. As I worked my way down his body with my gaze, I decided this guy was no delicate flower, even though his friend and I had him beat in the height department. He was all tight, hard muscle, each bump and sinew clearly defined by the fitted white long-sleeved shirt and navy pants he wore.

Okay, now I was staring, but holy mother of pearl. He was so freaking hot, and my type was definitely boy, with a big dash of bad.


I shook my head. “Okay, so you don’t like needles? Most people don’t, and that’s not a bad thing. So what level of dislike are we talking here, Graham? Not fond, or I’ll break your neck if you come near me with one? You’re a big boy, and I have too much life yet to live,” I said, trying to get the big fella to smile.

“Last time they tried to give me one, I passed out and took the nurse down with me,” Graham gritted out.

He was in too much pain to smile so I tried a more honest and direct approach. “Right, well as fun as that sounds we don’t want that to happen tonight, do we? As big as I am, you would squash me like a fly with a swatter.” I heard Graham’s companion snort softly at that but stayed focused on my patient. “There’s a little girl next door, she’s seven, and she broke her wrist tonight. She tried so hard to be brave, but she didn’t like needles either so we gave her some happy gas. Or, if you prefer we can stitch you up without anything, provided you need stitches at all.” I put a hand on Graham’s shoulder and made sure he was listening. “You have the right to refuse a needle, okay? Now, how’s the pain?”

I finally got a small smile. “Not so bad, as long as I don’t move it around too much. The green thing I had on the way up helped a lot.”

Ah, yes. The magical green stick. “Good, we’ll see how you go. First of all the doctor needs to have a look at your arm, check it out for any nerve damage. It helps to look away if you get squeamish so I’ll sit over here and you can talk to me, or to your friend…?” I sat in the chair opposite and looked over to the guy, who had ditched the phone and was now watching me back with some level of… interest?

“Jeff, his name is Jeff, and he was working with me when it all went down. We only met tonight but he’s been good, staying with me, and coming here.”

Jeff’s gaze switched to Graham, and he turned pink. Me, my heart went all fluttery.

What the actual fuck?

Reviews:Dena Palmer on Amazon Review wrote:

I loved watching the bond between Heath and Jeff grow. Susan Reeves never disappoints in her writing. I can't wait to see where she takes us next!

About the Author

Susan Reeves is a lifelong avid reader who has had a fairly interesting life so far and has some stories of her own that she wanted to share. She lives in the most beautiful place in the world, in her opinion, and you’ll find glimpses throughout her stories as she loves to share it with her readers.
Susan also loves to potter around the kitchen, walk along the healing sands of her local beaches, and have coffee therapy with friends.
An advocate for equality, living simply and all things green, Susan spends any spare time spreading light and love in hope that it touches those who might need a little.