Shared Secrets

His Best Friend's Brother 4

by R. Cayden

Shared Secrets - R. Cayden
Part of the His Best Friend's Brother series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 182
His brother’s two best friends, and an HEA worth fighting for…
I’ve had a crush on Blake and Casey since I first started getting crushes.
My older brother’s best friends, the two of them practically lived at our house growing up.
And when I was an awkward tween, I truly believed they were the coolest people on this unworthy planet.
So it’s surprising and sweet when they offer to let me stay with them in Pittsburgh.
After moving to a new city, I suddenly lose my apartment, and Blake and Casey are my unexpected salvation.
Which is great, except that I have a cardboard box full of makeup and lingerie hidden beneath my bed, and a promise I’ve made to myself.
Now that I’m on my own, I’m going to live the way I want to live, and dress how I want to dress.
I just can’t imagine wearing lipstick in front of my brother’s intimidating, older friends.
I can’t imagine having the courage to share my secret with them, until I learn that Casey and Blake have some secrets of their own…
Shared Secrets is Book 4 in His Best Friend’s Brother! This is an M/M/M easy read, featuring a few guys who learn to form a family and lots of steamy fun. Enjoy it as a standalone, or read along with the rest of the series. Enjoy!

About the Author

R. Cayden writes sweet and steamy M/M romance. He's usually busy reading and writing, but when he's got some free time, he enjoys catching a game of pool and relaxing at the lake with his husband.

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