Serving the Neighborhood

by Jaylen Florian

Mike, the good-looking straight guy next door, does not expect to have his desires challenged. 

A successful business owner, but lonely and widowed at thirty, Mike occupies his time playing sports, drinking bourbon, reading spy novels, and watching classic movies.

Colton, a mysterious stranger, is capturing the sexual fascination of Mike's friends.  New to the suburban neighborhood, Colton is taking a break from modeling and tempting other men with exploits, no strings attached.

On the prowl, Colton makes it clear his sights are targeted on Mike.  When Mike discovers the opportunity to test his boundaries, how far will he yield to another man's touch?

"Serving The Neighborhood" is an erotic novelette (11,000+ words) intended only for mature audiences.  It is the first story in the Men of Rugged Heights book series.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction, including romance, mystery, comedy, and sports.

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