Serving His Penance

A Gargoyle Romance

by PJ Friel , Saffron Hart

Serving His Penance - PJ Friel & Saffron Hart - Cloth & Stone Trilogy
Part of the Cloth & Stone series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99
Pages: 265

Can their relationship survive the journey to redemption or will their penance be the end of their love?

Deep in their fight to protect the people of Cleveland from Dane Stevens' criminal empire, Cordero and Gideon are convinced their cause is just.

Until Cordero sees the human cost of their crusade—a failed bust that nearly kills the target and a young girl whose life has been thrown into chaos.

Gideon sees Cordero's change of heart as a threat, not just to their relationship, but to the chance at redemption for his own past.

As the fight against Stevens turns into an all-out war, Gideon and Cordero find themselves on opposite sides, and their fledgling love gets caught between what is right and what is just.

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About the Authors

PJ Friel

PJ writes steamy, action-packed paranormal romance novels starring characters from both ends of the Kinsey scale and everything in between. She delves into themes like fate and overcoming the past. Her characters are strong, capable, and complex regardless of gender, and her worldbuilding is a little...intense.

When she isn’t terrorizing the highways of Ohio in her red, mid-life crisis sports car or crunching numbers in Excel spreadsheets, she’s writing or playing with her grandpuppies.

She is currently single and lives with her son and his two dogs, who all think they’re the boss of her. They’re probably right.

Saffron Hart

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