See My…

Naked Gay Lust - MM Book Duo, Books #306, 307

by Ty Debauchee

See My... - Ty Debauchee
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ISBN: 978-1-953830-12-8
Pages: 204





An on-again, off-again relationship with Tanner leads Ty to withdraw from a month long Marine Biology course, but a nightmare convinces him to attend anyway.

No Clothing Allowed - A new policy created by Ty's classmates for the pool area at the Marine Biology Institute. The entire class naked at the pool everyday during the course. Even the sexy course assistant instructor joins in. This should be stimulating.

Ty frequently thought this trip could be a great month or an absolute nightmare. Their erotic escapades during this course stretch from Big Pine to Key West, Florida, on land and sea.

Your imagination will hate you if you miss this read.




Studying marine biology in the Florida Keys is beyond cool. And having private play time with two of the sexiest naked men on the planet is beyond imagination. Fortunately Ty had the good fortune to do all of this and more during his January short term course. Maybe they should have named the course: The Study of Human Anatomy in a Marine Environment.

The month becomes even more interesting when their class votes to extend their No Clothing Allowed policy to the entire compound at the Marine Biology Institute. In a form of protest, the class votes to take the rest of the course in the nude. Seizing on the opportunity, Ty, Tanner, and Chad set a personal goal of never wearing clothes for the remaining two and a half weeks of the course.

Have you ever gone completely naked for 18 consecutive days in a row? Would you choose to engage in such an adventure if you had the opportunity?

*This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 19 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

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Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: 18-25
Tropes: Beach Romance, Coming Out / Closeted, Everyone is Queer, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Passing as Straight, True Love
Word Count: 47,000
Setting: USA, Midwest, University
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

I pull him forward so he was resting with his chest against mine. There we continued to kiss until we both dozed off in the warm sun.

I woke up about 20 minutes later and realized we probably shouldn’t sleep on the board. Even though we were in a protected cove, there might have been some way for a rip tide to pull us past the reef. If that happened, who knew where we might have drifted. I also realized we both probably didn’t smell so good; so I woke Tanner, and we rolled off of the board. The water was absolutely amazing. It was crystal clear like a bathtub, but the color was a bluish-green. We could clearly see every inch of our nude bodies treading water. Occasionally a tropical fish would swim by below us for our viewing pleasure. As long as they didn’t decide to nibble on the wrong worm, we were fine with a peaceful coexistence. After splashing, playing, and washing ourselves off at some length, I steadied the board while Tanner climbed back aboard.


I was still in the water hanging onto the board, so I scooted over in front of him as he sat sideways on the board. Tanner pulled his feet up and rested his heels on the edge of the board with his arms wrapped around his knees, holding them up under his chin. Hanging his toes off of the board, Tanner was kinda doing his version of the old “hang ten” concept, except on the side of the board instead of the front. His feet were so gorgeous and always impeccably groomed. Toss my foot fetish into the equation, and it made them irresistible to me.

With my forearms wrapped around behind his feet and resting on the board between his feet and his … Only my head, shoulders, and arms were out of the water. The rest of me dangled straight down into the crystal clear blue-green salt water bay as I began licking and sucking on his toes randomly moving from one to another while we continued to relax and cherish each other’s company and the incredible beauty surrounding us. The ear to ear smile on Tanner’s face told me that everything was perfect for him too.

Here I am with one of the most beautiful men in the world. We are both naked and alone in this idyllic setting. My world is unbelievably amazing. I would like it even more if Garrett was here with us, but it is still a truly amazing moment in my life.

What if Garrett makes it back? How do I pick between them?

Looking up into his beautiful eyes, I quietly said, “I love you, Tanner. I love you so, so much.”

Tanner raised the ball of his right foot and pressed his toes gently against my full lips. I kissed his toe pads gently as I stared into his sparkling eyes. Suddenly, his arms slipped off of his knees as he clasped the sides of my head, pulling himself toward me until his lips embraced mine in one of the most loving kisses I had ever experienced.

Surrounded by so much beauty, I continued to look up at him as he sat back and stared at me with his incredible smile and loving eyes. His entire being seemed to be aglow. With the very next touch of my tongue to the middle toe on his right foot, another emotional lightning bolt surged through both of us all over again. I felt him shudder, so I knew he felt it too.


Ty Debauchee's stories are enhanced by chapter images.  "A picture is worth a thousand words."

About the Author

I have long been a reader of the gay erotic romance genre.  During that time, I only rarely found books with just the right mix of plot, sex, and love.  Consequently, I started tinkering with writing my own novellas in this genre.  With the encouragement of friends and readers like you, I endeavor to share my books.

Using tiny snippets from the fantasies of my life, I began building full stories of the life I wish I had experienced along the way.  When I write my progressive series, I am drawn to the challenges of growing up gay in a small midwestern town where being different was not commonly applauded.  The trials and tribulations of seeking out a sustainable loving relationship seem to perpetually foster the rewarding challenge of creating my characters and their escapades.

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