Seducing Stephen

by Summer Devon

Visiting a wealthy friend during university holiday, Stephen wakes to find his bed invaded by a late arriving, drunken houseguest stumbling into the wrong room. From this dubious beginning, a romance slowly develops.

At first Lord Peter Northrup is only interested in the young man as a lusty diversion. He tutors him in secret pleasures shared by men like them, intending to keep their special liaison brief, light, and temporary. But after Northrup leaves, he can’t forget the young man who managed to touch his jaded heart.

During their time apart, Peter and Stephen change, and when they meet again, their affair flames hotter than ever. Can a peer of the realm and a middle-class young man bearing heavy responsibilities maintain a lasting relationship? Will Peter accept the possibility of true love in his shallow life, and will Stephen risk everything and trust a man who’s already hurt him once?

A reprinted version.

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Pairings: MM
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Age Difference, Badass Hero, Class Differences, Coming of Age, Cultural Differences, First Time, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, One Night Stand
Setting: Victorian England
Languages Available: English
Reviews:erastes on Speaks Its Name Blog wrote:

The affair starts as sex and then moves into more complicated territory and that's the nice surprise.

... all in all this book is far more than it seems, a little TARDIS of a novel, if you like. Don’t be fooled by what it looks like at first glance. There’s a really nice character-fuelled story here, and characters with real feelings, pride, idiocy – people who make mistakes and say stupid things and regret them. People who hurt each other for good reasons – and for reasons perhaps more selfish.

on Well Read Blog:

It's the old story of the rake brought low by the love of a virgin, but the m/m setting and complex characters lent this story a freshness which I found quite delightful.

on Rainbow Reviews:

Seducing Stephen turns the oft-used cliche of mistaken identity/mistaken sexual partners on its head and makes it seem new once more.

About the Author

Summer Devon is the alter ego of Kate Rothwell who also writes under her own name. Summer writes m/m romances of all sorts, including some with Bonnie Dee.