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Secrets and Broken Pieces

When hate turns to love, on multiple levels...

by Karen Botha

The day I started as the first junior ever to be employed at Judd Racing, I never expected to fall in love. I arrived there with vengeance in my heart. And I set about delivering my plan to right the wrongs of my past.
Or, so I thought.

Axel turned up, and it was like a whirlwind walked in and snatched away my rational thoughts. Not only was he hot, hot, hot, but he had an emptiness in his soul that was crying out to be filled.
And, I knew I was just the person to do it.

The road to true love for Axel and Florian was never going to be simple though, and in this book, which is a spin-off to the Commitment series, we follow these lesser-known characters and understand exactly what makes them tick.

We cry for the pain that Axel simultaneously hides too well, and doesn’t hide at all. We root for Florian to work out the kinks and bring out Axel’s true character that we can all see hidden away under his iron-clad surface.

Axel fears what would happen if he reveals his true character while Florian fears for their future if he doesn’t.

Then we cheer for their happy ever after when they eventually work out what the hell they need to do to make their lives work.
As one.

Axel is another example of how Botha combines all the hallmarks that have made her page-turning writing a go to for anyone looking for love. Download your copy now.

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Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Age Difference, Cultural Differences, Death of Parent, Healing Power of Sex, Hurt / Comfort, InstaLove / Love at First Sight, Love Can Heal / Redemption, Meet Cute, Office / Workplace Romance, Slow Burning Love, True Love
Word Count: 41000
Setting: UK
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

There’s a couple of other people in this white kitchenette, filling their mugs with their drug of choice before the day officially starts. Fresh coffee filters into the air as well as the sound of bumping cups and mingles with the scent of expensive cologne. There’s only one who stands out. A great big hunk of a guy with more muscles than I’ll ever have and a sly grin that makes my legs unsteady.

“Florian, this is Axel. He just started today,” Jessie introduces me.

I hold out my hand again. “Hi.” I can’t think of anything else to say.

“Hey there. You’re in a major place here. What are you here to do?” He turns over his words with a gentle Irish lilt.

I pause, working out exactly how I should answer, because it’s not like I can just blurt out the truth.


Jessie mistakes it for nerves or being blindsided as I guess most people are in Florian’s company. Anyway, she answers for me. “He’s here to take up the PR placement. He’ll be working with me, learning the ropes, and hopefully developing his apprenticeship into a full-time, permanent position.”

I think my being homeless made employing me a no brainer. It’s the first time in history it’s worked in my favor, but Jessie seemed to like the opportunity to give me a start in life.

Unlike my father.

I don’t have time to dwell too much on that though because Florian is smiling at me. His eyes have connected to mine, and he’s talking to me. “I head up the gym team. We may be working together soon because we have a press day coming up to launch the building when it completes.”

“Fabulous. Can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into a project of my own.”

Jessie laughs, “That’s what I like, an eager candidate. There’s absolutely no shortfall of work around here for you.”

I smile back, pleased I didn’t overstep my position, but truth is, if there’s a place to be bagged working with Florian over some other jaded dude, then I’m all in for Florian.

We finish preparing our drinks and it’s time for Florian to head off. “Right then, it was grand meeting ya. I’ll no doubt see you around. You know where I am when it’s time to organize that press day.” He picks up his mug, and I watch his tight ass and rippling thighs, clad in running shorts, take a few steps away.

“Actually, Florian, let’s go through some details now,” Jessie says loudly.

Reviews:John Charles on wrote:

Review: Axel is broken, broken in many ways. His entire life has been a lie and he doesn’t know it. Living with his loving, caring, single mom, who repeatedly told him that his father abandoned them, didn’t care about them, and didn’t want to know them, Axel learned to hate at an early age.
What was wrong with him or his mother that his father didn’t want to know them? Why had his father left them behind? How can he force the issue? Questions that led to a deep desire for revenge. Finally after years of planning, his road to revenge began. It was clearly in his hands.
He had to complete his mission. Take everything from his estranged father, show the man he was wrong, make him regret his past. Nothing was going to get in the way. His mind was set. The plan was in place. It had to work – It would work. Until everything changed.
Karen Botha wrote a great story filled with angst. Axel learned love from his mother, learned hate too. Botha made me feel Axel’s love and hate at the same time. She pulled me in and made me continue – to find out how Axel’s plan worked (or didn’t) – to see if Axel could learn love from someone other than his mother, to see if Florian could keep his distance even when Axel continuously flirted, to see if Axel’s father really abandoned them….
If you enjoy reading a romance mystery where everything isn’t what it appears to be, then Secrets and Broken Pieces by Karen Botha is just the book for you.

This is the first in a new spin off series from the popular Commitment 6 book collection also featured on this site.

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Ooh, where to start? I used to work in a proper job that was KILLING me -- slowly! I packed it all in and retrained as a massage therapist and reflexologist which meant I had downtime to fill and I knew just the thing.

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