Roman Holiday

A sweet & sexy gay romance – slow burn, age gap, class difference, opposites attract, witty banter.

by Kass Barrow

Roman Holiday - Kass Barrow

ROMAN HOLIDAY: A sweet & sexy gay romance – slow burn, age gap, class difference, opposites attract, witty banter.

** This is a complete revamp of my out-of-print debut novel, Maelstrom. Two-thirds is brand new with added heat and feels **

Entrepreneur and amateur romance writer, Freddie Faulkner, fears that life is passing him by. From his ivory tower—his luxury London penthouse—he writes of princes and their handsome sentinels, but ever since a bad break-up a decade ago, Freddie’s own heart has been locked away in the deep freeze. Now in his late-thirties, he’s too set in his ways to imagine he’ll ever find someone new to defrost his heart.

Young Eden Stone has had it tough. Originally from New York, his beloved mom died when he was just fourteen and his Brit dad dragged him, kicking and screaming, to start a new life in London. Eight years later, with his dad now remarried and living in Scotland, Eden uses all of his God-given gifts to make a life for himself. For years he suffered from the lingering insecurities every motherless boy has to deal with. The piercings and tattoos he now bears are a testament to his journey of self-discovery. He’s finally happy in his own skin, except for that one problem he can never resolve—the big hole in his heart where a mother’s love ought to be.

Eden is a stunner even with his clothes on and the well-endowed twenty-two-year-old is rocking it as a stripper at a swanky nightclub. When Freddie offers the reluctant Eden a generous sum to perform at a private function for a friend’s fiftieth birthday, Freddie soon discovers there’s a whole lot more to Eden Stone than just his looks. Smart-mouthed, witty and intelligent, Eden is also sensitive, emotional and petulant.

A fiery young spirit and an arrogant irascible older man.

They really shouldn’t get involved.

This is no match made in heaven, but sometimes you just have to tell heaven to go to hell.


Author's Note: This new release is a standalone title, loosely based on my out-of-print debut novel, Maelstrom. If you've read Maelstrom, approximately a third of the content will be familiar to you. Two-thirds of this content is brand new with added heat and feels.

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Whoo!” Eden exclaimed. “Is it me or is it getting warm in here?” He shrugged his leather jacket off his shoulders, allowing it to slip down his arms and then he tossed it to the side of the stage.

“More!” Jack yelled. He’d clearly had a few drinks already.

“More what?” Eden asked casually “More music, or remove more clothes?”

Jack chuckled, thinking Eden was joking. “Both.”

“Oh you mean like this?” Eden lifted the bottom of his t-shirt just enough to give a glimpse of his firm abs.

Jack applauded, egging him on. “More!”

Eden lifted his t-shirt higher, exposing his bejewelled nipples, and then he flipped the t-shirt over his head, dumping it on the floor. He swaggered over to Jack and stood directly in front of him, arms folded across his naked chest. “I suppose you’d like me to go the whole way, huh?”

“I wish!” Jack scoffed.


Eden unfolded his arms and circled around Jack twice, like a lion stalking its prey. He paused when he was directly behind Jack and bent over to speak in his ear. “You must have blown all of your candles out in one go, birthday boy, because I’m here to make your wish come true. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to be careful what you wish for?”

Eden straightened up and snapped his fingers. “Someone tie this man up for me, would you?”


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British author of m/m romance with a contemporary, speculative or science fiction theme.

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