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Role Play

Play Series Book 1

by Morticia Knight

Some like it rough…

Hollywood photographer, Terry Patterson, loves his job. But when it comes to romance, there is none – at least not anymore. Ever since producer, Phil Watts, abruptly left for a high-paying job in Toronto, Terry’s been determined to move on with his life. After all, they’d barely begun their relationship when everything got derailed. Just because he’s still in love with Phil after three years, shouldn’t it be time for him to finally let go?

Phil has learned the hard way that work and career is one thing, having someone by your side to love and cherish is another. The producing gig in Toronto left him cold and lonely, but a fateful meeting one night at a bar was a game-changer. Now that’s he’s back in town, Phil is ready to take the knowledge he gained while being trained as a lifestyle Master, and is determined to claim his boy.

Something about Phil seems different when Terry reluctantly gives into his pleas for them to meet. Terry isn’t sure whether to believe Phil’s promises that this time Terry’s heart will be safe, but he can’t deny the intensity of the chemistry they still share. When Phil reveals all, Terry is shocked, yet curious. As they discuss whether or not Terry is willing to try a relationship as a sub to Phil’s Dom, one thing in particular piques Terry’s curiosity. Phil mentions role play, and there’s a fantasy Terry has always had, but been way too embarrassed to ever confess.

Will Phil agree to satisfy Terry’s darkest fantasy?


Role Play is Book 1 in the Play Series, however, there is an HEA with no cliffhanger. Phil and Terry’s exploration into their new life together continues in Books 2 & 3.

Warning: This story is intended for a mature audience and contains explicit content between consenting adults. There is also rough, fantasy role play that might be upsetting to some readers.




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Publisher: Knight Ever After Publishing
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Tropes: Age Difference, Alpha Character, Reunited and it Feels So Good, Second Chances

Languages Available: English, German, Italian

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


Phil wondered if Terry might faint. His skin had paled and he sat frozen, the only movement after Phil’s grand revelation being the widening of his eyes.  More than ever, he was glad that he’d insisted that Terry eat before he’d made his announcement.

“Terry, I sincerely believe we were unconsciously responding to each other in a Dominant and submissive manner when we were a couple. I’ve already told you I still love you, and now I’m asking for you to be with me as my submissive, but this time, on a conscious level.” Phil sighed. “I know it’s a lot to throw at you and I’m sure you’ll have a million questions, but I think that’s a good thing. I haven’t had my own boy yet, I’ve only ever played with subs, so we’d be learning how to be a committed BDSM couple together.”

“Holy Jesus.” Terry’s voice cracked. “I have to hand it to you. That was not what I’d thought you were going to say.”


Phil tentatively reached for Terry’s hand. When he didn’t pull away, Phil laid it gently on top.

Terry shook his head and Phil’s stomach dropped. He’d known it was a long shot, but he’d ached to be with Terry again now that he had an understanding of why their previous dynamic had been so strong.

“So…” Terry’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. “So, you want me to be your slave? Like, crawl around on the floor and lick your boots and shit?” Terry snorted. “Chain me up and whip me?”

Phil glanced in the waiter’s direction. They’d been there for a while and the restaurant was beginning to fill up. It was probably not the best place to continue their conversation.

“No, not necessarily.”

Terry drew his eyebrows together. “Not necessarily? What the hell does that mean?”

“It means that anything we did as Master and submissive would be agreed upon between both of us. Under no circumstances would I ask you to do anything unless you’d explicitly given me permission. We would negotiate everything, then put it into a contract that we both sign.”

Terry let out an aggravated sigh. “Yeah, I’ve heard about that kind of stuff before. I just can’t picture myself doing any of it.”

“Would you allow me to explain to you what I have in mind first before you say no to giving it a try? A lot of what’s bandied about is inaccurate and has probably given you not only a false perception of what the lifestyle is like, but in all likelihood, a negative one as well.” Phil moved closer then lowered his voice. “I’m not only interested in giving you pleasure, but in taking care of you. I’d make it my entire mission in life to guarantee you’re getting everything you need. My career and your career would still be important in order to provide us with individual satisfaction and an income, but you, and our bond as Master and sub, would be my ultimate source of fulfillment.” Phil squeezed his hand. “And I hope for you as well.”

“This is crazy.” Terry licked his lips. “And I have, at the very least, a million questions. But there’s one I need answered immediately.”

“Of course. Anything you want.”

“From what you said, which I only understood about half of by the way, you made it sound as though we’d be exclusive again—that I’d be your only sub, or boy, or whatever.” He frowned. “I can’t believe I just said that out loud.”

Reviews:Meredith on Diverse Reader Reviews wrote:

This is book one in Morticia Knight’s Play series. It’s a BDSM Novella that was a quick, fun, exciting, and hot read!

Terry and Phil had a relationship but Phil pretty much ups and leaves him, only to return with an offer Terry just can’t refuse.

We follow Terry and Phil as they explore the beginnings of their D/s relationship. In true Morticia fashion she excels at the SSC and BDSM lifestyle rules while weaving a wonderful story with amazing characters.

Seeing as this is book 1, I have no doubt that we will be seeing some more of these characters in Phil and Terry’s journeys.

Great series for true BDSM lovers!

About the Author

Author Morticia Knight spends most of her nights writing about men loving men forever after. If there happens to be some friendly bondage or floggings involved, she doesn’t begrudge her characters whatever their filthy little hearts desire. Even though she’s been crafting her naughty tales for more years than she’d like to share—her adventures as a published author began in 2011. Since then, she’s been fortunate enough to have several books on bestseller lists along with titles receiving recognition in the Rainbow Book Awards, Divine Magazine and Love Romance Café.

Once upon a time she was the lead singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the North Oregon coast and when she’s not fantasizing about hot men, she takes walks along the ocean and annoys the local Karaoke bar patrons.