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Rising Dragons Omnibus

by Ophelia Bell

Rising Dragons Omnibus - Ophelia Bell
Editions:ePub: $ 5.99
Pages: 695
Paperback: $ 25.99
ISBN: 1511420707
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 695

The Dragons Have Risen

After five centuries of slumber, the dragons have only one thing on their minds. They want more than desire … more than lust. They want love … and connection.

And the survival of the next generation.

Each story in this epic collection follows the journey of a dragon and their chosen mate (or mates) as they fight to uncover ancient secrets, find the lost piece of a powerful artifact, and hunt for a missing dragon princess, all the while getting closer to the Dragon Council who are the only ones capable of changing outdated immortal laws and ensure their race’s survival.

Can the dragons overcome centuries of being out of touch with the human race … or will they doom themselves to extinction?

Books included in this collection:
Breath of Night: Rising Dragons Book One
Breath of Destiny: Rising Dragons Book Two
Breath of Memory: Rising Dragons Book Three
Breath of Innocence: Rising Dragons Book Four
Breath of Desire: Rising Dragons Book Five
Breath of Love: Rising Dragons Book Six
Breath of Flame & Shadow: Rising Dragons Book Seven
Breath of Fate: Rising Dragons Book Eight

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Thea wandered through the large, open, loft-style apartment, marveling at the decor and the view. It was situated to take maximum advantage of the sunlight throughout the day, with a multitude of skylights and high windows. She paused in front of one east-facing window while she absently fielded question after eager question from Aurin. The view of the city beyond rivaled the view from her hotel balcony. Finally she had a question of her own, having had just enough wine to gain the courage to ask it.

“Dimitri lives here, doesn’t he?” She turned and wandered back to the bar counter and perched on a stool to watch Aurin cook.

The pretty blonde smiled suggestively and popped a fresh piece of mango in her mouth before setting a plate of succulent slices in front of Thea.

“Yes. You know what it’s like living with him, I’m sure.”


There was something purely sensuous about the young woman that Thea would have considered blatant if it hadn’t been for how comfortably Aurin carried herself. Aurin’s brother, Aurik, had given a similar impression. His golden eyes had taken Thea in with an oddly penetrating intensity before he left to catch up with Dimitri. The juxtaposition of the two in that brief whirlwind of a moment had made Thea just a little dizzy, and the impression still lingered of being on the verge of the kind of experience so rare few people could claim it.

Twins, Thea kept repeating to herself, marveling at the serendipitous nature of this trip. Where the hell had Dimitri found these two? She was curious beyond reason to see the three of them together. She didn’t want to assume he was with them both, but somehow she absolutely wanted that to be the case. It would have been a kind of validation to learn he’d given in to a need so similar to her own. So much so that she didn’t even feel a scrap of envy that he had found something so amazing in her absence.

“I do know, very well. I practically lived with two of him.” She smiled conspiratorially. God, it was liberating to be able to share even that small detail about her relationship with Dimitri and Alex. One she had been compelled to keep secret while it had existed, but she threw caution to the wind and divulged that small detail to Aurin, believing—hoping—that her new friend already knew at least that much.

Aurin raised an eyebrow as she refilled Thea’s wine glass. She leaned her elbows on the counter. “Two Dimitris might be too many. Better to have to share him, I think. Or I might overdose.” She took a sip of her own wine. “But I would die happy.” She grinned, the bright glow of her smile infusing Thea with warmth.

Thea laughed in response. “They were never too much for me. He and his brother were different in just the right ways.” She speared a chunk of mango with a small fork and savored the slick, sweet juiciness while she pondered those particular differences in more detail than she had in ages. How she’d missed that part of their relationship sometimes above all else. She’d avoided sex at all costs since Dimitri had left, knowing in her heart that nothing could ever compare to the two brothers.

“You want to know what I like most?” Aurin asked, moving around the long, polished granite of the kitchen island. She stopped next to Thea and leaned casually against the counter. “It’s how slow he starts. Like he’s…hmm…savoring every moment. When we met it was like that. A touch…”

Thea sat still as Aurin ran a fingertip lightly along Thea’s jaw, across her lower lip, and back, following along the curved outline of her upper lip. The touch left Thea’s mouth tingling and she involuntarily licked her lips, tasting a remnant of the mango juice.

“Yes, he always did take his time,” Thea said, her words coming out as only a whisper. Her chest seemed too full of anticipation, her heart beating wildly. She swallowed hard, watching Aurin’s head tilt and the pretty blonde’s odd eyes drift lower.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been touched quite like he did. So slow. So perfect.”

Thea was enthralled by Aurin’s rapt expression, the way her gaze fixed on Thea’s chest. Thea didn’t look down, but her breathing quickened when she felt the gentle tug of Aurin’s fingertips at the top button of her dress. It must be the wine going to her head, a subtle euphoria that grew more pronounced with each second. It couldn’t be Aurin’s touch, though the light caress down the center of Thea’s sternum made her inhale sharply. More buttons popped open. The built-in support the dress provided disappeared, her heavy breasts released, their weight pushing the sides of her dress further apart.

She could almost see herself in Aurin’s eyes. Her pleased half-smile, the lovely tilt of her head, the gaze tracing over every inch of her skin reminded her of how her twins had looked at her.

With a small, delicate palm, Aurin cupped one of Thea’s breasts, the touch so gentle, deliberate, and so slow Thea almost believed she was dreaming.

“He touched me like this at first,” Aurin said, finally raising her gaze. Their eyes met at the same instant Aurin’s thumb brushed over Thea’s taut nipple. The startling rush of sensation made Thea gasp out loud.

Her gasp turned into a muffled moan against Aurin’s lips when she shifted closer and pressed her mouth against Thea’s. The sweet taste of mangoes hit Thea’s tongue, mingling with the fresh scent of citrus. Her mind reeled at the newness of Aurin’s touch. It had been so long since she’d been touched so intimately. Dimitri had been the last, so long ago, during an encounter she later wished she could forget. He hadn’t been his deliberate, gentle self. He’d been angry, hurt, and full of so much despair. They had hurt each other that night—both physically and emotionally.

Aurin’s touch reminded Thea what tenderness felt like, and how much she had missed it. The novelty of kissing another woman barely registered aside from a glimmer of curiosity that rose in Thea with each new caress of Aurin’s hands on her body.


About the Author

Ophelia Bell is the author of the super steamy Sleeping Dragons series. Ophelia's dragons are pansexual creatures who aren't afraid to chase the love they deserve and are always focused on their partner's satisfaction. Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her tattooed bad-boy husband and six attention-whoring cats.