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by Nellie Christine

Ride - Nellie Christine
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99 USD
Paperback: $ 14.95 USD
ISBN: 1973178354
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 366

Bentley Williams never thought he’d hit rock bottom at 19-years-old. From top-rated college running back to homeless, girlfriend-less, UCLA dropout, Bentley can’t help but wonder if he’s making the right decision. Pursuing a career as a BMX rider likely means a life of struggling to afford groceries, but he can’t imagine doing anything else. The sport’s in his blood. After a visit to his uncle’s shop involves him flirting with the green-eyed new guy instead of looking for a new bike, Bentley ends up questioning himself even more.

Kit Edwards was used to being treated like a leper in his small hometown of Junction, Ohio. After foolishly getting involved with the closeted high school quarterback, he decides to move as far away for school as possible. UCLA is perfect – the weather is beautiful, his roommate isn’t crazy, and people couldn’t care less about his orientation.

People care so little that Kit finds himself in a flirting match with the unfairly attractive guy that wanders into the bike shop where he works. But, Kit refuses to go down that road again. Popular athletes were a no, and straight guys were a definite no. Bentley doesn’t seem interested in going away, and as a friendship forms, Kit promises himself he won’t make the same mistake twice.


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“Thanks for hanging with me instead of doing that party. This has been a lot of fun. Even the whole turning me into a criminal part.”

“You didn’t take that much convincing…” Bentley smirked before looking away. “But I feel like I should thank you for today.”

Kit shrugged. “Eh. You’re a good guy. I’m happy I could help.”

“But you barely know me,” Bentley said. “I could be a horrible guy.”

“You’re not.”

“How do you know?”

“I can tell.” Kit looked at him. “A horrible guy probably wouldn’t want to hang out with me the way you have been. I know horrible guys. You’re not one of them.”

Bentley turned to look out over the city. “Can I ask you something that’s probably personal?”

Kit winced. “Um…”

“Nothing bad.” Bentley took a deep breath. “It’s like… okay. Would you ever… date a guy who’d dated girls in the past?”


Kit had to pause to think about that. This was either Bentley being his normally flirty self, or Bentley being genuinely curious about it. Why he’d be curious, Kit wasn’t sure.

“Honestly, probably not.”

Bentley nodded. “Is it because of the whole Pepper thing or something else?”

“The Paulie thing,” Kit confirmed. “Like… I just don’t want to be played for a fool again. Or experimented with. It wasn’t fun for me, and neither was the torment when he told people I was the one coming on to him. It was my senior year and I had to deal with that instead of being happy at prom and graduation. It sucked.”

Bentley glanced over at him.

“I think I’d be happier with a guy I know who is truly into me. All of me.”

“Just because he may have been with a few girls doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into you,” Bentley said. “Don’t you think?”

Kit looked at Bentley for a moment. Bentley looked back, waiting for a response. Kit shook his head and looked away.

“It’s just personal preference. I don’t want to have to worry about him having doubts, or looking at women, or having a sample and then deciding it’s not what he wants. I’ve been there. I’m insecure when it comes to that.”

“Rightfully so,” Bentley said. “Because you’ve been hurt before. But… that doesn’t mean the next guy won’t be serious about you, or try to make it work.”

“Are we still being hypothetical here?”

Bentley licked his lips and turned away. “I was just curious.”

Kit nodded. They were quiet for a while, and Bentley eventually walked forward to peek over the edge of the building on his own. Kit watched as he looked around, and he wondered what the hell that conversation was about. He wasn’t even going to entertain the idea that Bentley was asking him because he liked him. He wasn’t going down that route. Not again, and not with a guy he actually respected thus far.


About the Author

Nellie Christine is an Indie author living in Brooklyn, NY. After falling in love with writing in her early twenties, Nellie took the jump into the Romance Fiction genre in 2016. Her debut novel, Something Real, represents her writing style to a T - humor, growth, and of course, as much naughty as there is nice.

When Nellie isn't writing, she's busy at her 9-5, or pursuing a Childhood Education - Special Education & Bilingual degree. In her free time, Nellie enjoys spending time with her family in Philadelphia, PA, enjoying a sporting event, or finding a new fictional character to become obsessed with!

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