by K.M.Neuhold

Rebel - K.M. Neuhold & Nora Phoenix
Part of the Ballsy Boys series:
  • Rebel
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"I don't do relationships, I break them." ~ Troy

If there’s one thing life has taught me it’s that everyone eventually leaves. But that's okay because I have a strategy: no friends, no boyfriends, limit repeat hook-ups, no sleep overs, and above all leave them before they leave me. I’ve put my break-up skills to work doing others’ dirty work for them.
The last thing I expected when I agreed to do an embarrassing breakup song and dance was to end up on the doorstep of the very recognizable—and stupidly sexy—Rebel. When you meet a man like Rebel you'd be insane not to make a move. And just because he has me tossing out every single one of my rules doesn't mean I'm in trouble, right?

“I’m everyone’s friend, but no one’s everything.” ~ Rebel

I love working for Ballsy Boys, but when you make the kind of videos I do relationships are pretty damn impossible. Besides, guys find me sexy and want to either be with me or be me, but no one has ever cared enough to see the real me.
Until I meet Troy. He has no problem whatsoever with my job, but he’s determined to keep me at a distance. For the first time, a hook-up alone is not enough. I want more with him. Hell, I want everything. But he resists at every step until I’m about ready to give up. What do I need to do to show him that this is real and worth fighting for?

***Rebel is the first book in the Ballsy Boys Series and is a super sexy MM romance with plenty of good times. While this book and this series do contain some instances of sex outside of the main relationships, they DO NOT contain cheating.

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I grumble to myself as I pull on a fucking banana suit. When Tom explained to me exactly what he wanted, I told him it would be three hundred instead of two, thinking he’d change his mind. But he was happy to fork it over, and now I’m dressed as a banana, getting ready to show up at some dude’s place to tell him he’s dumped. You’d think there’d be an easier way to make money. Unfortunately, a minimum wage student job isn’t going to cut it.

I check the address Tom sent me, and I head out to break some poor schmuck’s heart. I earn a number of strange looks as I walk the few blocks in my banana suit.


When I reach the correct apartment building, I’m lucky enough to catch someone on their way out so I don’t have to buzz to get in. I make my way up to the third floor and find the apartment number Tom gave me. I take a deep breath, steeling myself for what an ass I’m about to make of myself, and then I raise my hand to knock. Seconds later, the door swings open, and I suck in a surprised breath.

My stomach swoops, and my cock immediately starts to plump as I find myself looking into the unmistakable baby blues of none other than Ballsy Boy Rebel. Fuck, he’s even sexier in person.

His mane of sandy hair is wild and begging to be used as a handle for cock sucking. His pouty lips are tempting and bitable. And fuck me, his broad shoulders and well-toned arms are sorely lacking passionate claw marks. I can’t say I’d noticed his hands before, but after the latest video with the new twink, I can’t help but latch onto his long, slender fingers that Pixie waxed poetic about.

A lazy, flirty smile spreads over my lips before my brain kicks in and reminds me that I’m in a goddamn banana suit.

Fuck my life.

“Uh, can I help you?” Rebel asks, his forehead creased in confusion.

“This is fucking embarrassing,” I lament, glancing down at the bright yellow costume I’m wearing. “Here’s the thing, Tom sent me here to break up with you. There’s this dumb song and dance that makes the costume a lot more relevant. But holy shit, you’re Rebel, and who the hell dumps a porn star?”

Rebel’s face falls. “What an asshole,” he mutters to himself. “Thanks for letting me know.”

He starts to close the door, but on impulse, my hand flies out to stop it. “Rebel, I’m really sorry. Were you together a long time?” Why the fuck am I even asking that?

“No, I hardly knew the guy. Which is why the theatrics seem particularly dickish.”

I nod as if I understand what he’s going through, when in reality, the only thing my brain can seem to grasp on to is the fact that I’m standing within touching distance of Rebel. It’s not every day that an opportunity like this falls right into a person’s lap, and there’s no way I can let this pass without at least trying to fulfill one of my ultimate fantasies. Worst case scenario: he turns me down. But, best case scenario… Hell yeah, I’m going for it.

“Yeah,” I agree. “You know, if you really wanted to stick it to him I could suck you off.”

A slow smile spreads across those tempting lips, and his gaze flits over my costume again with amusement. In two point five seconds, he went from vulnerable guy to porn star Rebel.

“And how exactly would a blowjob from a banana stick it to Tom?”

“Dude, it’s a blowjob. Work with me here,” I press, my voice dropping low and flirty as I send a prayer to the god of perfect porn star cocks to let me have a taste.

“Sure, why the fuck not?”

Holy fuck, yes!

I can’t believe my luck as I step into my favorite porn star’s home...still dressed as a mother fucking banana.


About the Author

K.M.Neuhold has long since been a romance junkie. When she’s not writing she’s reading or spending time snuggling with her husky or her husband. She fell in love with M/M romance last year and hasn’t been able to turn back. There’s nothing she loves more than love in all its forms.

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