QUANTUM MATES: What Torin Wants

by Talon P.S.

Quantum Mates: What Torin Wants - Talon PS
Editions:ePub - 2nd Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 173

A new life on the Quantum Transport Research Project is what Raffe Landau is hoping for, what he found was a lover with a rare and similar condition of mutation that makes everyone else untouchable. But there’s a reason the space station has laws that forbid anyone touching either of the TorinLee twins and when they’re attacked Raffe knows he’s to blame. And the only way to protect the young man he’d fallen in love with is to stop touching him.
Torin has ever known human touch. That is until Raffe came along and it’s not just the touch. Raffe makes him feel things he never knew existed. So when Raffe pulls away, not only does he not understand, it’s not allowed.
Raffe’s about to find out that what Torin wants Torin gets.

This e-book contains sexually explicit homoerotic M/M sexual content, graphic language, and situations that may be considered offensive to some readers, For readers who are NOT offended may still experience some symptoms such as heavy breath, increased body temperature, extreme arousal and the uncontrollable need to pounce your partner.
Should you feel yourself experiencing any of the mentioned, relax its natural and very healthy. Just go with the flow. Your partner will thank me later.


GENRA: MM / Erotic Romance / Space Sci-fi
WORD COUNT: 53,455

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About the Author

Both Proud Indy Authors: Talon P.S. and his twin, Tarian P.S. love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-language, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box synonyms. They’re also known to throw in some con-lang at times. Though it will do you no good to scold them for it, they’ll point to Shakespeare with a retort along the line of “He started it.”

This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing with them a joy. [joy: n see mental illness]

As a results of the abuse to their editors, the ignored kitties, and don’t even bring up the house chores, the final product comes out as richly-detailed, holographic worlds of Suspense, Science Fiction, and Erotic Romance, both Het and Gay. Not to leave out Talon's favorite genre: Space Sci-Fi Frontiers; and Tarian's favorite genres Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies, all for readers to submerse themselves into and escape from the mundane.

So be sure to have your reading glasses ready and stake out some prime cozy real estate cushions, because once you open these pages— Oh, the places we will go!

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