PUMPING IRON (Bad Boyfriends, Book 2)

Bad Boyfriends Series

by Nya Rawlyns

Pumping Iron - Nya Rawlins - Bad Boyfriends
Part of the Bad Boyfriends series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.29
ISBN: 978-0-9906048-1-5
Pages: 169

PUMPING IRON is Book 2 in the Bad Boyfriends Series.

What does it take to bring a slow simmer to a rolling boil?

Sean Rourke’s career missteps have him hiding in plain sight as a Bad Boyfriends A-list escort, hoping to dodge the bullet from a few career missteps.

Mike Douglas’ financial backing and very special negotiating skills have him partnering not-so-silently at Bad Boyfriends, as well as running a training center for athletes and gym rats.

Eyeing each other at a distance is all they’ve allowed themselves until a joint special project at a seaside retreat in the Hamptons, entertaining a wily Boston attorney, shows them exactly how well they fit together, in more ways than simply business as usual.

Pumping is also available in audiobook, narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo.



Sequestered at a beach house in the Hamptons, charged with keeping Lovett Junior occupied while his law firm does damage control over Junior’s peccadillos, Mike and Sean are dancing around their attraction for each other. Mike suggests a run – that’s the stick, but there’s a carrot involved also.


He sank to his knees, still blowing hard. By my guesstimate, we’d gone two miles and change. Ten was usually a warmup for me, but then I was fit, Sean wasn’t. At least not for that.

I needed to look at the bigger picture: Sean naked, on my bed, his cock at full salute, a come hither expression on his face, eyes at half mast, touching himself, fondling his balls, a finger nudging the gully, thighs inching apart…

Sean blew that fantasy clear out of the sky, dumping me into a brand new one with, “I’ll give you the best blow job of your life if you stop and let me die right here.”


“Tempting. But one question. Is that before or after?”

“Wha—?” He grimaced and ducked his head, his shoulders shaking.

I offered a hand to pull him up, but he surprised me and yanked hard enough I got caught off balance and sank to my knees in front of him. Now we were both sucking air, our chests heaving, and it had nothing to do with exertion, not that kind.

Behind me the sky was lightening enough it reflected in the deep brown pools that were his eyes, the irises wide and soft and so sexy I leaned in for a closer look, hungering for a taste of his mouth and skin salty slick with sweat and sea air.

He had my wrist, pinching down hard, his thumb rubbing along the underside … not rubbing, shoving, shoving the blood back, back toward my cock, and it hurt in a way that I never wanted it to stop. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, off him digging into the skin, thin now under the assault of a blunt nail. It was angry, harsh how he did it, so harsh I at first didn’t feel the touch, a caress on my cheek, following the line to my jaw and tilting my head.

I wanted to look down, I wanted to see how much pain and pleasure he could control, but that feather touch drained me of everything but wanting him, right there, right on that beach with the grey shadows retreating toward the dunes, exposing us, exposing me to his power.

Oblivious to everything but the craving for his taste, I surrendered as he took my mouth, tracing it with his tongue, probing. My hand hung helpless, useless, in a vise grip that numbed sensation and replaced it with such intense focus on my cock and my mouth, there was nothing left but him sweeping inside, crushing and bruising as he invaded my senses.

The first sharp nip released an intense flood of copper-iron. Sean swished it away, then assaulted the bruise with another and another until he withdrew, leaving me passive, struggling for air.

I murmured, “Sean?”

He stood. I couldn’t. Not yet.

Whispering, “We have company,” Sean nodded in the direction of the dunes behind us.

Holding out a hand, he helped me up. We locked gazes, his almost a challenge. Then with a rueful grin, he said, “I have sand in my shorts.”

I looked down, leering. “Looks like a sand dune to me. You might want to do something about that.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“A contest.”

I was going to make him pay in spades for turning me into a quivering blob of jelly, right there in the open, lancing my heart with that fucking display of dominance. Reaching over to hook a forefinger in the waistband of his bathing suit, I tugged him closer and laid out the terms, keeping them clean and simple.

“First one back gets to top.”

He growled, “Bite me,” and took off like a shot, with me a few steps behind.

Reviews:Monica on Bits of Books wrote:

This was my first full length MM story and I was pleasantly surprised. I found this story had a great plot and I was easily entertained. There was plenty of romance and plenty of sex and like all good romantic stories the sex scenes did not overpower the basic story line. I think that is so very important. I read a story to be told a STORY not to read page after page of sex. I thought the characters were well rounded out and the secondary characters truly well defined.

I would be interested in reading more by this author and would rate this story a 4/5.

Bo, amazon Reviewer on https://www.amazon.com/review/R2EA9DLKVQQYFH/ wrote:

Tinkers to Evans to Chance--What a Triple Play!

Remember the early 1900's baseball triple-play combination (see headline here)? Well, here's a trilogy anchored around three main alphas, each with a newly acquired crush, totally believable in many instances and respects even though a bit off-the-wall in plot twists.

In "Pumping Iron," cover man Mike Douglas' gruff exterior and personal approach to relationships seems to come completely apart when a Bad Boyfriends escort, Sean Rourke, gets thrown into his life by Tom Kane on a mission that could financially straighten out the business--and almost instantly changes their lives.

Unfortunately, they have to play babysitter to an eclectic, love sick middle aged lawyer, "Junior" Lovett, whose family law firm in Boston wants him out of the way for a while. Out of the way is in the Hamptons, where Lovett worms his way into the "family," and winds up introducing us to another major player, the cute twink-cum-lifeguard-cum-porn star Dax.

The adventures of this foursome rival and then rout the escapades in the first book, taking us deeper into the escort trade and beyond. The character of Mike Douglas becomes dominant here, but Lovett becomes pivotal, and Sean is the one who keeps Mike heading in the right direction.

About the Author

Crossing boundaries, taking no prisoners.
Write what’s in your soul.
It’s the bass beat, the heartbeat, the lyrics rude and true.


Nya Rawlyns has been writing for over fifteen years across a variety of genres – suspense/mystery, contemporary western, romance, romantic comedy, women’s fiction, literary fiction and contemporary young adult fantasy.

A lifelong equestrienne, she has competed in dressage and distance riding. Her love affair with words began as a young child and continues unabated. She lives in Pennsylvania with her daughter, horses, cats, chickens and a family of friends and supporters who provide not just inspiration but absolute belief in her characters and stories.

Most days she can be found daydreaming and listening to the voices in her head.

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