Protector Dragon

by Liv Rider

Protector Dragon - Liv Rider
Part of the Lewiston Dragons series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
Pages: 228

Shifters ruined his life. How can he be falling in love with one?

Growing up the only human in a shifter town, Joel has been an outcast his entire life - not even his own family let him forget how weak humans are. Running away was his only chance at a normal life, and he's been avoiding shifters ever since. But when his job working in a coffee shop puts him in a room full of shifters, he has to confront his worst fears. He's just not sure if he should be alarmed or happy that the hottest guy he's ever met is determined to talk to him. After all, everyone knows shifters aren't attracted to humans.

Dragon shifter Thomas Rollins thought nothing could be more difficult than resolving arguments between the shifters in his district. But when he meets his fated mate Joel, he has no clue how to get the suspicious human to talk to him for more than five minutes, never mind go out on a date. When he learns about Joel's past, he's determined to prove shifters and humans can get along very well.

Just as Joel is starting to let his guard down, his family finds him and forces him to come back to a place he refuses to call home. Can the trust Joel and Thomas have started to build survive the ultimate test?

Protector Dragon is a m/m paranormal dragon shifter/human romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers


Thomas followed Louis over to the two tables where the two employees of Hampton’s Café were pouring something to drink for three other shifters. Louis asked for a cup of coffee before moving on to the baked goods and finally Thomas could step to the table.

He glanced down at the clean, empty cups and saucers, glad there were still some left, then put a polite smile on his face before looking up at the man on the other side of the table.

“Coffee, tea, or something else?” the most beautiful man Thomas had ever seen asked.

“Um,” Thomas managed, because he really couldn’t think of anything else.

Ours. His dragon was very firm about that.

Thomas stared into blue-bordering-on-grey eyes and nodded. Yes, this man was definitely theirs.

The man frowned. “Do you want tea and coffee?”


Thomas was too busy looking at his eyes and his short, light brown hair that was glinting in the sunlight streaming in through the windows, and his pink lips that made him want to lean to kiss him right now.


He only realized he was swaying forward when the other man stepped back. He leaned on the table for support. “Sorry,” he managed. He looked down again, taking a deep breath. It didn’t help. His mate smelled wonderful, like home and safety and—and wolf shifter?

“Are you all right, sir?”

“Yeah,” Thomas replied, still staring at the white tablecloth. He was more than all right. He had just met his true mate. His dragon was elated, ready to drag the other man back to their home and keep him there forever. “I’ll have a coffee. Black.”

His mate poured him a cup and handed it over with a smile. “Here you go.”

It took Thomas several seconds to take the filled cup. He’d been too distracted by that wonderful smile. “Sorry, thank you.” His fingers brushed against that of his mate’s, and now that they were so close, he caught the hint of wolf shifter in his mate’s scent again. It wasn’t as strong as that of most wolf shifters he knew, and surely if his mate was a shifter, he would’ve reacted to realizing Thomas was his fated mate.

Maybe his mate had a close friend or roommate who was a wolf shifter and the scent had rubbed off? No, it was definitely too strong for that and too entwined with his mate’s own, glorious scent.

“The brownies are all gone, but we’ve still got muffins,” his mate explained, gesturing at the trays on the other table.

“Sounds delicious.”

Our mate looks more delicious.

Thomas felt his cheeks redden at the suggestion from his dragon. Oh yes, he’d certainly like to take his mate home, carry him to bed, and explore his body. His mate was a few inches shorter than he was, with a slender build. Thomas wanted to reach out to touch him, to do something to keep him close.

It took all his self-control to walk over to the muffins, hoping it didn’t seem like he was dawdling as he looked at the muffins

“Those are raspberry,” the lady behind the table said, smiling at him. She listed the other flavors as well, pointing at a section of the table each time. Thomas nodded along, but he didn’t hear a word she said. Every part of him was focused on his mate. On the rustling noises his clothes made as he moved, the brush of his shirt sleeves against the rough fabric of his Hampton’s Café apron.

“I’ll take this one, thank you.” He selected a muffin at random, giving her a quick nod, then smiling at his mate.

“Enjoy your coffee and muffin, sir,” his mate said, looking a little puzzled.

Thomas took that as his cue to leave. He could come back later, after the speeches, when it was time for lunch. Once everyone was eating, he would have time to talk to his mate. There was so much he wanted to say and ask and learn. Why he smelled so much like a wolf shifter was definitely one of them. If his mate was a shifter, he would’ve been on the list of newcomers and Thomas would’ve visited him. And if he wasn’t a shifter, why did he smell so much like one?


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When Liv isn't writing, she's reading, helped by the occasional shot of caffeine. She has an affinity for the paranormal and animals of prey (as well as their domesticated cousins). To receive a free story and find out when she has a new release, join Liv's mailing list  or visit her at for more information.

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