by Kieron T. Lachlan

Prisoner - Kieron Lachlan
Editions:ePub - First: $ 1.99 USD
ISBN: 9781537847146
Pages: 36
Kindle - First: $ 1.99 USD
ISBN: 9781537847146
Pages: 36

Ben and his buddies make one of their friend’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies come alive by taking him prisoner and giving him a night to remember during a training mission.

Set in the sci-fi future of humanity on a distant planet (similar to that of UNSC soldiers from the popular game Halo) where Ben and Rugger agree to help Jax orchestrate his boyfriend Fenix's deepest, darkest fantasy: to be taken prisoner, bound, and made to feel like the submissive man he is on the inside.

Ben, a member of Delta Squad, enjoyed hanging out with the other gay troops in his division on New Earth. At a private poker game late one night, Jax convinced Ben and Rugger to help kidnap his boyfriend during the ten-day Valhalla combat training exercise between Delta 6 and Sigma 9 Squads.

Four weeks later, Ben and his squad execute the perfect trap, capture Fenix, and knock out half of the enemy squad at the same time. After hauling his limp body back to their squad base, Jax and his two friends revive his boyfriend, the unsuspecting Sigma Squad leader, who finds himself chained up, naked, and helpless—but ready and willing to dive deep into his secret sub fantasy as Jax, Ben, and Rugger give him a night of intense pleasure he'll remember for a long time.

All characters are 18+.

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About the Author

I’m just a gay guy with a creative imagination and a propensity for writing, both at work and for fun. I had no idea how much I would like writing stories until I started penning the ideas in my head. Then those ideas became works of flash fiction that I decided to expand into short stories.

Now, I’m enjoying a side hobby as a gay erotic and romance author. I’m working hard on several hot & sexy stories and I hope to share with them for your enjoyment and pleasure. Today I live in New Hampshire with my husband. Life is good. Cheers!