Outlaw Girls

Smoke Valley MC

by Miss Merikan

--- When a match meets gasoline. ---

Mona. Mafia princess. Rebellious Italian beauty. Runaway bride.

Rain. Motorcycle club president’s daughter. Androgynous biker goddess.

After her sister was forced into an arranged marriage, Mona vowed she would never suffer the same fate. She would do whatever she had to, even set the church on fire, catch the first bus to nowhere without a dollar in her pocket while still wearing her wedding dress.

Away from her controlling family, Mona intends to fight for her financial independence on the stripping pole at the Smoke Valley Motorcycle Club. Her plan is to earn enough cash for further travels, but once she gets closer to Rain, and becomes more comfortable on the back of her bike than she ever was in the world of privilege, staying in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada no longer sounds so bad.

Rain doesn’t do girlfriends. Her biker lifestyle means secrecy and unsavory deeds no girl she’s met would roll with. Her only goal is to smash the glass ceiling of her family-run biker gang and become the first female member. She does do flings though, and the Italian beauty who crashes her birthday party is perfect for one of those.

But Mona sticks around. Rain can’t stay away, and all rules go out the window when Rain finds out Mona is the runaway daughter of a mafioso. Maybe she could just be the kind of woman who understands living outside the law

When the mafia comes after Mona, Rain has to choose between loyalty to the club and the woman of her dreams. One thing is certain - there will be no escape without mayhem.


Themes: mafia, organized crime, marriage, forbidden love, danger, motorcycle club, biker chick, family, rebellion, independence, first relationship, self-discovery

Genre: F/F romance, suspense

Erotic content: Explicit scenes

Length: ~60,000 words (STANDALONE novel)

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Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: F-F
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Lesbian, Questioning
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Tropes: Antihero, Badass Hero, Class Differences, Coming of Age, Criminals & Outlaws, Cultural Differences, Famous / Royalty in Disguise, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Forbidden Love, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Opposites Attract, Passing as Straight, Queer Wedding, Rescue, Reunited and it Feels So Good
Word Count: 58000
Setting: Nevada, small town USA
Languages Available: English

Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten rid of her phone after all? What if making a run for it from the wedding had been a mistake, and she was indeed a little lamb, useless without Daddy? She’d barely turned eighteen in February, couldn’t even legally drink in this country. What had she been thinking?

But then she remembered getting a glimpse of the man her father wanted her to marry. Much older than her, with cold eyes that expressed neither disdain nor lust for his future bride. He hadn’t attempted to talk or get to know her before the deed was done. He hadn’t even smiled. And if he had done the decent thing and tried being nice, what could they have talked about? His boring-ass casino business?

Was she supposed to pretend she didn’t know it was all a front for his drug sales, and that her father couldn’t wait to merge their criminal enterprises?


“Rain! Your bride has arrived!” Kurt laughed, and Mona could only hope that Rain wasn’t even older, beardier, and drunker than his friends.

Kurt pulled Mona into the crowded bar as if she weighed nothing. And once the heavy door shut her in a room thick with smoke and men, she was too terrified to do anything but follow his lead. Dozens of eyes rubbed over her in the semi-darkness, but the whisper of voices talking about her stilled the moment church organs played the first chords of the Bridal Chorus.

The crowd of people stepped aside, creating a narrow tunnel, and Mona was faced with someone sitting in a chair on the other side.

Rain was definitely younger than Kurt and smaller than the other guys. The white tank top revealed dozens of black and white tattoos, some of which even reached up to the neck. His short black hair was tousled, but the androgynous features, dark eyes, and sharp eyebrows seemed like a strange fashion choice for a biker. If anything, with the cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other, Rain resembled a rock star, chilling after a gig.

Mona stilled and had to do another take at Rain’s chest. They were small, but Rain definitely had breasts.

A woman.

She would be dancing for a woman.

It was as if soothing lights had finally replaced red warning signs. She could handle this.

Mona took a deep breath and smiled at Rain, walking her way, in time with the church organ music.

When their eyes locked and a hint of a smile appeared on Rain’s face, Mona’s heart skipped a beat.



About the Author

Miss Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are taken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.

 They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of – it will be full of surprises.

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