Out on the Tide

Maui Youth

by Emery C. Walters

Out on the Tide - Emery C. Walters
Editions:Paperback: $ 13.95
ISBN: 9781539711131
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 358

We’ve all been there. How many remember the coming of age times fondly? Oh, there might be bright moments we cherish, but there are likely many memories that we would rather forget. Times of insecurity, times of embarrassment, times of fear, or times of violence.
We remember things differently, and we deal with those times differently.
This Emery C. Walters collection focuses on the stories of a special subset of our youth: those who realize at some early age that they are different from the other boys and girls, young men and young women. Somehow, they have to fit in, or they have to break free. Each path is fraught with danger, but only the free grow to their full potential.
Watch now as these young people doubt, cry, wonder, find meaning, find love, and grow.


I thought we were going to just ride the wave in, but a larger than usual wave blew up behind me and broke right over top of us. It knocked me into either a mound of coral or an outcrop of lava, I don’t know which, and the girl lost her grip on me. She still had her little ring and that saved her from the worst of the rocks. I got tumbled and lost my mouthpiece and mask and got scraped along the coral, upside down and all over, banging into rocks and trying not to breathe. The rip in my shorts got snagged, and I hung there, getting torn up even worse by the coral as I was thrown about like I was in a washing machine. Almost immediately, Reg was right there, grabbed the girl from near me and swam toward shore with her, yelling for help. People ran down and came into the water and took her—and Reg came back for me. He and another guy who had been on his surfboard found me still stuck underwater, out of air and ready to give up.


In fact almost the last thing I remember seeing was Reg reaching for me. They pulled me free and dragged me onto the board. For the briefest of moments I had enough sense to realize the guy was Chris, Chris, who I had thought had been at Steve’s party, but no, he was here, and he had me in his arms. The bliss from that one short second cut through my panic and fear like a ray of sunshine through a dark cloud of rain.


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About the Author

Emery C. Walters was born Carol Forde, a name he soon knew didn’t fit the boy inside. Transition was unknown back then; so he married and then bore and raised four children, mostly on his own. When his youngest child, his gay son, left the nest, Emery told Carol that she had to step aside, and he fully transitioned from female to male in 2001.

Emery worked in county government and as a college writing tutor before retiring and becoming a gentleman author. He and his wife Robyn, herself raised mistakenly as a boy, live on Maui where they combine snorkeling, scuba diving, and volunteer work with activities to boost LGBT rights and awareness.

Interested in the martial art of Ninjutsu, land and underwater photography, and writing, Emery can most often be found writing, reading, or sailing on his imaginary pirate ship.

Emery’s 2010 first novel, 'Last Year's Leaves' is an intense story of recovery from abuse, finding love, living through loss, and coming out whole. For all the intensity, the book is laced with his trademark humor. His recent publications include six other, less intense coming of age novels involving coming out and overcoming obstacles as well as two books of short stories, a collection of six novellas, a completely straight kids’ book, and about thirty eBooks and anthology stories. All are immensely humorous and filled with hope. Drystan the Dire, Emery’s Welsh pirate ancestor, shows up in his stories from time to time to help out and to annoy the bad guys.

Between them, the Walters have eight adult children, umpteen grandchildren, and three never-seen great grandchildren, none of whom can do a thing about the genetic material handed down to them - their gift to the future. So there.