by Jack Ladd

Oscar - Jack Ladd
Editions:Kindle: £ 0.99
Pages: 216

Oscar is the story of an eighteen-year-old English boy who is done. Done with society, done with pretending to be someone he isn't, and most importantly, done with being alone. But how far will he go to get what he wants? And at what cost?

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Publisher: Independently Published
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Pairings: MM, MMM
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 2
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Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Age Difference, Alpha Character, Antihero, Badass Hero, Big Character / Little Character, Cheating, Class Differences, Coming of Age, Coming Out / Closeted, Hero and the Great Quest, Love Triangle, Married Life, Moral Failure, Smartass Twinks, Thrill of the Chase
Word Count: 64512
Setting: Small town in the UK
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

He started like he meant to go on.

Grabbing the front of my hair he pushed my head back. Firm but slow. In control. Dominating, but respectful. And only an inch, so my open mouth was at a better angle and I was looking where his eyes should be.

It was hard to see them in the greys of the forest and the silhouette of inky black above. I could make out his shape. His legs and his torso. His shoulders. Darker where his clothes were, a few hues lighter where his skin was. I could see his features. His mouth, his nose, his ears. I could hear his breath. Smell his scent.

But it was too dark to see his eyes.

Then they gleamed. Twinkled like far off stars. Reflected by a sudden burst of moonlight that must have escaped from the long, low autumn clouds I’d seen creeping into the sky before the sun had gone down. The silver filtered through thousands of outstretched branches in faint rays, strong enough to illuminate us in the darkness.


He smiled. So did I.

‘Shut your eyes,’ he said.


‘Do as I say.’

I did as I was told. My lids descended and my other senses took over.


About the Author

Jack Ladd was born in the UK in a small English town and fled to Sydney, Australia, as soon as he could. There he spent many years discovering the world, the people who call it home, and, most importantly, himself. Oscar and his adventures are based on true events.