Of Brothers and Tormentors

by N.D. Clark

Of Brothers and Tormentors - N.D. Clark
Editions:Paperback - Second: $ 5.99 USD
ISBN: 1540582965
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 in
Pages: 64
Kindle - First Edition: $ 1.99 USD
Pages: 64

Coming of age in the 1950’s, Edward Colson is an introverted senior at an all-male boarding school in Norfolk, VA. Edward’s academic brilliance, mild temperance and his suspected attraction for other boys have made him the target of Paul Maxwell and the Broadbent Brothers, a group of bullies, who for the past five years have made it their personal mission to torment and ostracize Edward. As the entire student body and faculty of Norfolk Academy prepares for the school’s annual Halloween carnival, Edward’s tormentors find him alone and more vulnerable than he’s ever been before. But the tables are soon turned when Edward’s big brother, Anthony Colson, a hulking all-American athlete and officer in training at the U.S. Naval Academy, pays an unexpected visit to his old alma mater, catching his little brother’s bullies in the act.

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Excerpt from Of Brothers and Tormentors:


If he dare move a muscle, Edward knew they would have him. He’d never successfully outrun them. And so there he sat, frozen to the spot. In that creepy singsong fashion, the three called out his name once again. Rocking back and forth, he contemplated ducking behind the school’s Halloween display, consisting of ghosts and bats suspended with fishing line from the lowest limbs of the Maple tree. A gaunt scarecrow, dressed in tattered overalls, was attached to a post behind stacked bales of hay that had been arranged in steps of three. Straw Man was kept company by a dozen jack-o’-lanterns, four placed close together on each step. They glared at him from behind soulless, demonic eyes, wearing sadistic expressions of doom.


With time running out, Edward was forced to act. He jammed the binder into his backpack, sprang from the bench, and darted behind the bales of dusty hay. It took a deliberate and concentrated effort to remain calm. Cautiously, he lifted his head to peek between the carved pumpkins. His enemies were closing. It seemed they also had an aversion to working on the carnival project; after all, stalking him was apparently their full-time occupation. But something else caught his eye that was even more terrifying. His pulse quickened, breath visible in the crisp autumn air. In the rush to hide from them, he’d left something behind on the bench. The library book he’d been reading on the subject of rocket science. A dead giveaway. All they need do was read his name on the manila card tucked away in the little pocket affixed to the inside of the book’s cover, and they’d know for sure he was nearby. There were times, this exact moment being one of them, when Edward wished he was the enormous Maple tree. Strong. Tall. Indomitable.

Reviews:Ronald on Goodreads wrote:

Although the story was shorter then I was expecting, the action moves the narrative through to its climax nicely. The opening works well, setting the scene, and giving a good sence of the atmosphear. Edward, the main character is well written, and you realy get a feeling of his looking in on a world he is not part of. His brother Anthony, is more on one note story. As for the protagonist Paul; his story arc is a bit predictable. I would Still say I enjoyed the sexy ride.

About the Author

N.D.Clark is an American author who loves gay erotic romance and gay erotica oftentimes set in historical backgrounds. He enjoys writing, reading, movies, good company and long walks.

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