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No Fear (No Shame #3)

by Nora Phoenix

No Fear - Nora Phoenix - No Shame
Pages: 325

Confused puppy seeks owner…

Aaron is lost.
He’s lost his parents’ approval.
He’s lost his job.
He’s lost his sense of identity.

At least he’s out as gay, but all that has brought him is more confusion. He feels like a freak who doesn’t fit in anywhere. Even his own brother doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Sexy jiu jitsu teacher Blake makes Aaron feel things he’s never felt before. Things in his body. Things in his heart. Things he didn’t even know he craved, like being cared for, having decisions made for him.

Like being a puppy.

But Blake doesn’t want a relationship, so how can he want Aaron?

No Fear is a steamy gay romance with mild puppy play elements. It’s the third book in the No Shame Series that needs to be read in order. Please note the trigger warnings in the front of the book.

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Blake took position next to him. The musky smell of his sweat was strangely intoxicating. “Let’s start with the most basic of punches, a jab. We’ll do twenty on each side, okay? Step in with the same foot as you’re punching with. Tighten your core, and keep your arms tight as well.”

He demonstrated a few jabs with his right hand, then with his left. “You’re up,” he said.

Aaron did his best to punch the bag hard, but it barely moved. He tried again, but looked at his feet to get the position right and half-missed the bag. After a few tries he seemed to have the basic coordination down. He did another jab. This was kinda fun.

Blake stepped in behind him, putting his hands on Aaron’s stomach. “Engage your core,” he said.


Aaron froze. All his nerves seemed to suddenly end on his stomach, where Blake’s hot, sweaty hand was touching him. His dick loved it, that much was clear. What if Blake noticed? Would he be offended? He was straight, after all.

“What are you waiting for?” Blake snapped. “Jab again with your right hand, but keep your core tight.”

He couldn’t think, let alone move. Not with that hand on him. Not with Blake’s smell assaulting his senses. Not with his hot breath tickling his neck.

“What’s the matter?” Blake asked.

“Stop touching me,” Aaron blurted out. The hand disappeared immediately. And of course, he already missed it.

Blake stepped up to his side. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Why do you suddenly have an issue with me touching you?”

Aaron bit his lip, his eyes trained to the floor. He couldn’t say it. Blake would never look at him again, let alone train him.

“Aaron, look at me when I talk to you. What the hell is wrong?”

“You’re…I’m…” The words wouldn’t come. A fierce blush crept over his cheeks. He kept his eyes lowered, refusing to look at Blake. “I have an erection, okay,” he finally said.


About the Author

Nora Phoenix is a steamy MM romance author, book addict, and hopeful romantic. She likes her main characters flawed, strong, and a tad broken. She appreciates a little kink but insists on a happy ever after. In her free time, she loves the outdoors and traveling.

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