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Never Apart

Captivated In New England Book 1

by Ashe Winters

Never Apart - Ashe Winters - Captivated in New England
Part of the Captivated in New England series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 447

Their lives had been entwined since childhood. Nicholas Montgomery and Cameron Lochlan were best friends, down to their very core. As college life came to an end for one, newfound attractions threaten to change everything. 

My heart throbbed a merciless, rhythmic beat as I accepted just how precious he was to me.

Nick tumbled hard for the waifish imp crying over a crushed pink donut. They were only little boys, but those big tears caused Nick's protective instincts to flare and he was forever captivated.  

Though the future beckoned, Nick felt conflicted. He had fallen in love, and his aching desire for Cameron had grown deeper than he ever imagined possible. While Nick had always offered Cam his unwavering support, Cameron's downward spiral of self-doubt and battle for self-reliance nearly push Nick to the edge of letting go. 

The thought of him with someone else, loving someone else, wrecked me. 

Cam realized he was a little different. He was artistic, flamboyant, and adored sparkly, pretty things. Endlessly bullied for not being “masculine enough”, Cam strived to discover his place in the world. College was supposed to help, but things weren’t going as planned. 

Cam gained strength in Nick’s friendship, his personal knight in shining armor. A lifetime of indecisions paired with a surprising hunger for the one man who’d always been his anchor, propels Cam to face reality. Change was happening, whether he was ready or not. 

“I promise I won’t ever leave you again, Cam. We’ll never be apart.” 

Two men battle their hearts amidst an uncertain future.  

When he can no longer hide his feelings, will Nick break his sacred promise to never leave Cam’s side even though his heart and body desperately crave the only man he has ever loved?  

Can Cameron find the strength to believe in himself enough to follow his own path, or will his stubbornness keep him from chasing his own dreams and risk losing the man who’s always stood by him?

140,000 Words

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About the Author

Writing on the Wings of Love

When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was only one thing: an author. Now I’m living that dream, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Romance is essential in every one of my stories. I enjoy exploring people falling in love and following their struggle to accept giving their heart away to another.

I’m an LGBTQIA+ author and strong supporter of the rainbow community. All my stories will feature positive representation of this community.