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Must Love Dogs

by Eden Winters

Must Love Dogs - Eden Winters
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99
Pages: 114

Does a good deed outweigh a white lie?

With his family away this holiday season, Nathan Johnson faces his very first Christmas alone in a new city. Unexpectedly taking in the neighbor’s dog leads to a series of white lies, all designed to set his sister’s mind at ease. After all, Nathan really is spending the holidays with a stunning ginger named Oscar. He simply leaves out the part about Oscar being a dachshund.

Who knew Oscar would play furry little matchmaker and introduce Nathan to a gorgeous veterinarian who just might make Nathan’s dreams come true?

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books
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About the Author

You will know Eden Winters by her distinctive white plumage and exuberant cry of “Hey, y’all!” in a Southern US drawl so thick it renders even the simplest of words unrecognizable. Watch out, she hugs!

Driven by insatiable curiosity, she possibly holds the world’s record for curriculum changes to the point that she’s never quite earned a degree but is a force to be reckoned with at Trivial Pursuit.

She’s trudged down hallways with police detectives, learned to disarm knife-wielding bad guys, and witnessed the correct way to blow doors off buildings. Her e-mail contains various snippets of forensic wisdom, such as “What would a dead body left in a Mexican drug tunnel look like after six months?” In the process of her adventures she has written fourteen m/m romance novels, has won several Rainbow Awards, was a Lambda Awards Finalist, and lives in terror of authorities showing up at her door to question her Internet searches.

When not putting characters in dangerous situations she’s a mild-mannered business executive, mother, grandmother, vegetarian, and PFLAG activist.

Her natural habitats are airports, coffee shops, and on the backs of motorcycles.