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Murderous Profession

by DJ Small

Murderous Profession - DJ Small
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
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ISBN: 9780998188775

Detective Eliza Miller doesn't approve of sex work, and she definitely had some choice words when the profession became legal in the United States two years ago, but when a sex worker is murdered, she puts her beliefs aside in order to get justice for her latest victim.

The thing she doesn't have to tolerate is the charismatic pretty boy known as Dax Collins, and despite her surly nature and caustic digs, he isn't deterred from setting his sights on her—much to Eliza's dismay.

When the evidence and body count starts to build up around Dax, Eliza is forced to face the reality of the situation, but then the direction of the case suddenly changes, putting Eliza and Dax in an unusual situation that tests her beliefs.

Focused on getting her victims' killer, Eliza is determined to forget the war brewing inside of her—and more importantly—Dax Collins, but it seems fate has other plans.

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About the Author

There’s probably a lot that could be said about DJ, but sticking to the basics is probably for the best. DJ is a small town guy located in Richmond, VA. He spends his time thinking about situations he would like to put his various characters in. Sometimes he regrets those situations.

When he’s not coming up with stories and getting lost in them, DJ can be found reading or catching up on the latest Shonda Rhimes show. He hopes to one day to be under her employ.

Other than that, DJ is a normal human who is looking to share his gift of storytelling, and is humbled by the folks who read his work.