Moving Mountains

by TN Tarrant

Moving Mountains - T.N. Tarrant
Pages: 214
Pages: 214

After Nathan Taylor’s wife fell into a coma, he fought for years to get custody of their son, Christopher, and finally succeeded. Although Nathan loves his wife, Letty, he has never been in love with her—theirs was a marriage of convenience, and they both knew it. Still, when he meets Raven Black Bear, the physical therapist who cares for Letty, his attraction to the man leads to a crisis of conscience.

Christopher’s life in the custody of his selfish grandparents has been difficult, and Raven befriended the boy during Christopher’s court-ordered visits with Letty. On the day Nathan regains custody, he brings Christopher to Letty’s side to share the news while Raven is with her. Raven soon falls for Nathan, but he struggles with the moral implications of a relationship with his patient’s husband. Both men worry about how a romance between them will affect Christopher, and they face a difficult choice. They can have the future their hearts desire, but they must decide if it’s the best future for everyone.

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About the Author

TN Tarrant is a hard-working single mom living in the wilds of Wyoming, who enjoys embarrassing her child with bright red lipstick prints to the forehead, and photographic proof that a wild Pikachu roams the house. When she isn't embarrassing her child, or hunting, killing and dragging groceries home through the snow, she loves to write romantic stories with hot lovers. She suffers from a love of extremely bad jokes and has a tendency to inflict them on innocent bystanders. She has recently been accused of developing an unhealthy yarn addiction, merely because she has bought enough of the stuff to start her own store. She notes that this does not keep her child and others from enjoying the products of that yarn addiction in the form of scarves and blankets. Other issues facing this poor soul are the continuing threats of books and nail polish overtaking the entire household and burying her amoungst themselves.  We won’t get into her child’s rocks…