Mon Frere, Plus One

by Michael Mandrake

Ryland and Ryder Durand’s loving relationship is in danger of being severed.

Ryland, the mild mannered twin, has feelings for a human by the name of Dale Mooney, an unemployed singer who needs to start making money to support his terminally ill mother. Though Ryder is upset about Ryland’s thoughts to have a third, he plays along in hopes the human won’t want to be involved with the two vamps, leaving them alone as he wants.

However, Ryland’s fierce desire for Dale stands in the way of Ryder’s plan, driving both into fits of rage that ends up in drag out fights. Not to mention, another vampire lurks in the shadows to catch them off guard and kill them for his own revenge. These issues threaten to drive the twins apart and break the commitment they’ve consummated in such a short period of time. Can their love survive the tension of another lover and a demon stalking them?

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“You’ll be dead, just like your maker!” The hooded figure came closer to Ryder, growling with his arms raised, ready to attack. “I’m your worst nightmare.” Screeches sounded, and the being heaved himself at Ryder, covering him with his large cloak.

“No, no…please…tell me why…why…?” Ryder sobbed, crouching down into a little ball with his hands over his eyes. “Why kill him, me, Ryland…what did we do?” Ryder had never been so scared in his entire life, and since when did he allow anything to strike fear into him like this? He had to agree, this was no ordinary immortal, but instead, the soul searchers his maker spoke about in his journals. Ryder had to find out why his family was of interest to these strange creatures. “What have we done to deserve such fate, demon? Who have we pissed off that makes you come after all of us?”


“Nothing, Ryder Durand… I am a soul sucker.  To survive, I feed on immortals like yourself. Just like your maker, you will be mine…forever.” He hissed, screaming at the top of his lungs, once again, thrusting his bony hands at Ryder.

“Ugh… oh, fuck, please…Ryland, save me…come…” Ryder’s cold heart thudded against his chest. Immediately, he could feel the energy being sucked out of his body, making him weaker by the minute. His eyes glassed over, and his flesh crawled from the fear. “Ry…oh, fuck, Ry…”

 In moments, everything went black…


* * * *


“No, no… oh, fuck…no, no… don’t…” Ryder gasped for air, kicking and throwing punches at whatever this thing was coming near him. “I’m not going down without a fight, demon!”

Ryland ran into the room, watching his beloved twin having some kind of nightmare. Recently, he spoke about being chased by demons, but Ryland never witnessed him having one until now. “Ryder… wake up, love…I am here…I am by your side.” Ryland ducked one of Ryder’s left jabs and took hold of his arms, trying to shake him from the nightmare.

“Don’t touch me or my brother, asshole. I’ll fucking kill you some kind of way. Let go…let go…argh…” Ryder’s eyes were closed tightly while he fought.  Still under the assumption he was being attacked, he shoved Ryland to the floor. “Yeah, gotcha, bitch. You’re not gonna get me that easily.”

Ryland shook his head and chuckled silently. “I should let you go on thinking you were fighting a demon, but… I will not.” He’d never seen his brother so active other than when he went for his dinner in the wee hours of the night. Such ferocity, so sexy; Ryland’s cock tented his black trousers.

I’ll spar with you once you wake up then fuck you into submission.

Ryland grinned wickedly and crawled back over to his brother. He wondered why Ryder couldn’t feel his presence in the room.

Must be some kind of nightmare!

“Brother, mon frère, je suis ici pour vous. Cessez de combattre.” (Brother, I am here for you. Stop fighting.) Ryland dropped his head to avoid Ryder’s furious fists wailing away. “Ryder, It is me. You are fine, love.”  

Reviews:Nessa on Goodreads wrote:

First of all, I've got to say that the author has very good taste in using that model on the cover of this series (the twins). He's absolutely gorgeous and I love the long hair. Okay, as for the story it's a different type of vampire story than I'm used to reading, and I really enjoyed it (the whole series actually). I can understand the twins loving each other because they've been together for centuries, and it's the next best thing to being Narcissus. :D. The plot is captivating, although not totally solved in this book of the series(the romance with Dale works though, and I like his personality a lot too). The writing is superb and the pace progresses smoothly throughout the story. I'm excited to read the next book. Love it! 😀

About the Author

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Thorough these, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media.