Mon Amour, Forever More

Mon Amour, Forever More

by Michael Mandrake


Identical twins, Ryland and Ryder Durand have consummated their relationship but jealousy and concern about their personality clashes have brought problems to their seemingly perfect union.

Will the brothers stay together despite the challenges?

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Ryder opened his eyes once again, noticing the challis of Alex’s blood his brother promised to leave him sitting on the table. Still shaking from fright, he reached for it carefully, not wanting to spill the precious nourishment Ryland so generously gave.

“Can’t let good ol’ AB go to waste.” Ryder sipped it slowly, savoring the sweetness of the warm liquid. Once the first drop went passed his lips, he instantly sensed himself calming, relaxing from the terror he’d just experienced. “Damn good, bro; thanks for letting me have it.”

Although Ryder was worried about his brother taking off so suddenly into the night, alone, to find food, he couldn’t help but take pleasure in his liquid dinner. Type AB was so rare amongst humans in general. When found, it could be a vampire’s own kind of liquor without a lot of the side effects.



Ryder finished the full glass and leaned back in the chair, thinking about the beings that chased him. Were they the same ones that scared his maker that night? Could they have anything to do with his death? “I must go find Ryland!” He thought about his brother, the more timid one, out there alone hunting, unaware of the terror stalking the New Orleans’ streets. Quickly, Ryder got up from his recliner, attempting to make a mad dash for the exit, but his legs would not carry him at all, and he fell flat on his face. “Ugh, damn you, Ryland! What have you done to me?”

In moments, Ryder’s muscles weakened, and he saw stars before his eyes; colorful shapes of red, blue, and yellow. He yawned and ran his fingers through his long black strands. “Can’t…oh, fuck. Ryland, what the hell did you put in that blood?” Suddenly ready for sleep, Ryder rolled over on the carpet once and curled up in a fetal position to take a nap. “Fucking, Ryland, you…ahh, shit…” Ryder closed his eyes almost immediately, and the sleep overcame him.

Before he could react anymore, he’d stretched out on the floor, napping without making another sound. No way would he be able to check on the welfare of his brother in this exhausted state.


About the Author

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Thorough these, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media.